Birla Mandir and Eat Street Visit, Hyderabad

It was janmashtami(the birth day of Lord Krishna) holiday yesterday and we - a few infosyions planned to move out to the famous birla mandir near Secandarabad. The temple is built up at one of the highest peaks of the city from where we all enjoyed a majestic view of the hyderabad city.

For the first time I realized how complex was this city. But the major landmark is undoubtly the Husain Sagar lake with a serene statue of the Lord Buddha in the middle which is surrounded by the spell-bounding beauty of the necklace road (that seems very much similar to the queens's necklace at the marine drive in mumbai).

The calm and holy music of the religious songs at the temple were soothing my ears. It was a real peace of mind that I experienced.

(From Left) Ajit, Anuroop, Jaideep, Ashwin, Me and Atishay at the Birla Mandir

It was a sizzling saturday night and we all wanted to chill out. As a matter of fact Hyderabad is really devoid of good hangouts except the I-max or the Prasad's multiplex theatre that we could think of spontaneously. But the Eat Street was really too good to miss. Eat Street lies on the necklace road.

At night, the dim lights added charm in its beauty. The food was expensive but no one would care of money at such a chill out zone. Awesome awesome awesome all it was! It was more than 11 o' clock at night and we were still discontented. The Husain Sagar lake at the background was looking so frightening still so romantic.

Eat-Street with Husain Sagar lake at the background

At the open-air restaurant - Eat Street

And the party is still on...


  1. As is say...A digicam is a better buy than a camera phone..
    You are using it

    Nice snaps....
    Whats ur cell no. yaar...

  2. Hi YJ,

    My cell no. is the same but i would be changing it soon cos' i am relocating to bangalore now. Would notify you with the new one.

    Anyways nice to hear from you yesterday. Wish you all the best in your brand new career dude.