Divorce - a Short Story

"Marriages are made in heaven", I remembered her answer which sounded on a serious note to my blithe ignorant question seeking a reason why she had decided to marry me! Her answer had connected our hearts in less than a moment and we were no strangers anymore. I knew that she was going to be a good wife.

That was the beginning of a budding relationship.

But that was years back. Just as the events of the present day case proceedings in the court of law, her reply had moved me from the bottom of my heart. Whosoever made marriages; but I was pretty certain that divorces were man made, I thought as the jury signed the verdict. We were quite sure that this, one last journey was going to put an end to the chaos happening in our lives over the past three years. Right since we had started our journey from the district court, I was looking at her face intermittently. It was drizzling steadily on the dusky city street and she just kept on staring outside the window of the car. I was clueless about what mingled in her head, but something ensured my weary mind that the final verdict of granting us a divorce must have relieved her - in fact us both.

I noticed that she was continually ignoring my presence in the car, rather trying to divagate from the collective memories we had created over the past few years. Her reticence inspired me to not utter a word. It was a hard fact that we had now officially given up the rights over each other. This was something that was hard for me to sustain. I was constantly making futile attempts to see some similar emotions on her face that imitated my mind. But more than anything else, it was her silence that was killing me to death at the moment. How can she be so stubborn? I kept on thinking...

"So, will you marry some other man?", I asked her as I burst away the silence which was almost deafening me.

I knew that was such a stupid question but it was starting a conversation that was gaining my priority at the moment. She looked back at me in despair. I slowed down the car over the left as I let overtake a speedy car over my right. This is something I always hated to do.

I noticed that she had decided not to answer my question. I realized that it was none of my business anymore and took a different turn away from home.

"Where are you taking the car?", she asked me desperately. Ultimately, I felt happy to have been successful in stealing away some words from her mouth.

I kept on driving for a few minutes and stopped at a water pool. It was a lush green park with a huge rocky mountain in the backyard which was beautifully dressed by the weeds of the September rains. The place wasn't unfamiliar to either of us. In fact, it was this place where our journey had begun and our relationship had blossomed. We knew that recollecting the sheer number of evenings we had spent together, in this park, weaving our futures was never so easy.

I asked her to get down and parked the vehicle by the road.

"I would like you to end it here", I said as I stood in front of her, meekly.

She looked straight into my eyes. I observed that my words had hit her hard within. Apparently, a couple of tear drops secretly left her black beautiful eyes - the ones which were once only mine.

"Do you think, signing a couple of documents will erase it all?", she asked in a low tone.

I shrugged.

"I just can't imagine...", I murmured and was unable to speak any further.

Moments passed away like ages as we stood there like two lost strangers waiting for nothing. The beautiful evening was gradually gulped away by the darkness of the fast approaching night.

"Beep...beep..$#.beep...$...beep..#" A sudden ring from my cell phone brought me back to my senses.

Was that a dream? I tried hard to think in my current state of trance. I opened my eyes and had a glimpse of her beautiful face, passionately staring at me. She was looking at me in amazement and I ensured myself of my return from a different world.

"What are you talking about?", she asked in a firm voice.

"Woah! Was I? Just a bad dream Priya", I said as I looked back at her. She was looking beautiful than ever before.

I was wondering about what I might have muttered in my sleep.

"Did you hear me speak?", I asked her in my attempt to evade any embarrassment.

"Not really", she said as she smiled.

I felt relieved as she brought me closer and touched my face gently. She had an unusual sparkle in her eyes. Momentarily, the smile on her lips had faded away.

"Did you dream about a divorce because of the paltry quarrel we had last night?", she asked gravely.

I looked at her, spellbound.

I had no feeling to express; no other gesture to show than giving her a big and long hug.

Dedicated to my dear wife Priya on our second anniversary - for her profound love, immense care and also the stupid disputes that has made my life so interesting. I love you! You're the best wife a man can get.

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Who : Neeraj Shinde
What : Divorce – a Short Story
Tangy : Neeraj has just moved out of court with his ex-wife after the divorce verdict was declared. He wants her to break his silence and say something the last time and his phone rings! Read ahead to find out what he says finally…


  1. Wish you both a Happy second Anniversary. May GOD bless you both.

    Can I ask one question?? I know it's silly. Why is the date December 11, 2010 ?
    ( Just asking plz don't mind )

  2. Happy anni!

    ... and those 'stupid disputes' add to the wonderful journey. Life would be less interesting without them :)

    P.S. What is the significance of Dec 11 2010?? Is that your anni or just some random date...??

  3. Neeraj, I cannot tell you how definitely comforted I am to know that this was only a dream!

    Please accept my best wishes and sincere appreciation, though belated, on your second anniversary! May you be blessed forever, with peace, prosperity, good health, happiness and most importantly blissful togetherness that shall be spoken about for generations to come!

    God speed!

  4. You put a really nice twist to what could have possibly a really sad story. Nicely weaved with ample emotions, this post is a good read. Happy Anniversary :)

  5. Thank you folks. Yes, 11th Dec is the anniversary date :) It was just that I couldn't wait to publish this post until then...

  6. @bhagyareema, thank you for your wishes...

  7. Congrats to the happy couple :)
    Wow !!! That was a great post...i was dreading what was going to come, when you wrote it was a dream...Totally relieved :)

  8. @Elizabeth, Thank you Mam'. Appreciate. Glad you liked.
    @Pramod, Thank you for reading...

  9. Nicely narrated.
    Wishinh you sweet dreams - may you never have a dream like the one in the story

  10. good -gripping narration with a twist!

  11. beautiful....happy 2nd anniversary :) may ur marriage see the each blossom of a beautiful future....

  12. Neeraj, that is just so well written. Wishing you and Priya many,many,many, and many more.............years of togetherness.

  13. Nicely written. Congratulations on your anniversary. My first comment on your blog though I have read quite a few posts of yours. A story ending with a dream is such an old plot but definitely written well and importantly written with a heart. Congratulations again.

  14. loved it!! happy 2nd wedding anniversery!
    btw,loved your blog template too.. where did u find it??

  15. @Always Happy, Many thanks for your kind wishes :)
    @Aditya, Yes, the plot is old unlike the feelings :P Appreciate your comments! Keep visiting.
    @Swathi, Thanks! Well, the blog template is a result of my avid experiments with the blogger code & continual customization.

  16. bahut khoob ...bahut khoob...
    Isliye main humesha kehta hoon ki tumhara aur tumhari biwi ka jhagda ho... aur har jhagde ke baad tumhara pyaar dugna ho jaaye... :)

  17. @Shishu, Janaab.. Isse mein compliment samjhu ya saja? Thank you so much :)

  18. Wonderful!! I remain speechless at how it ended. In such a loving tone.

  19. You are a fantastic story teller and I was so relieved that it was only a dream. Have a great life together.

  20. Divorce is always pain for both persons in the couple, but they have to pass it with patience.The article is very interesting.