Made Me Feel Like a Real Winner!

9 comments recently felicitated one of my posts on Giving and awarded a small amount to me as a token of their appreciation. Although, this money may sound as a very small amount, I only realized it's potential when I donated it in order to part sponsor education for a disadvantaged and poor child for a year. I must admit that this is the best way in which I have ever spent a thousand bucks, which otherwise would have been transformed into a useless shopping voucher. I had almost forgot of this small donation when today, a feedback document on this donation from GiveIndia touched my email in-box and subsequently, my heart. Today, I was into tears when I read the feedback of this transaction - the way it was going to improvise a life of a twelve year old girl. I feel like sharing this feeling with all my dear readers which I am unable to resist at the moment.


Feedback on the utilization of your donation, as received from The Akanksha Foundation

Transaction number : TRN-0001315301/TD-0001351063
Transaction date : 19-Aug-2010
Name of the donor : Neeraj Shinde
Purpose of donation : Part sponsor education for a disadvantaged & poor child for a year
Units : 1
Amount : INR 1000

Beneficiary Details
Brief Description

The Akanksha Foundation is an NGO working in the field of non-formal education for slum children in Mumbai and Pune. Ms Shaheen Mistri set up the organization 20 years ago to cater to the needs of many children in Mumbai who live in very difficult conditions and do not get the opportunity of education. Our vision is that one day, all children will be equipped with the education, skills and character that need to lead empowered lives.

The organization has expanded from 15 children in one centre to over 3500 children at present in 63 centers in Mumbai and Pune. A group of over 500 volunteers support the program together with 120 teachers and over 50 staff. A commitment is made to support the children through their school going years and to help them plan what skills they can use and how they can earn a steady livelihood as a step towards improving their standards of living.

Children come to a center.

An Akanksha Centre,
• runs each day for a group of 60 children for two and half hours five days a week.
• Is located in existing premises such as schools, colleges, public buildings, or offices which lend their space for classes free of charge (or at a nominal fee)
• Is staffed by a Head Teacher and an Assistant Teacher who plan the learning activities and teach the children each day and who collect the children from the slum area and brings them to the centre.
• Has a syllabus that is adjustable to the varying learning levels of the children
• Is supervised by Manager, Education and one of two Educational Coordinators who visit each of the centers regularly to help the teachers ensure that quality learning is taking place at the centre
• Is supported by social worker who liaise with the slum community where the children live, in order to tackle issues such as attendance in school, health and nutrition
• Has volunteers who supplement the services of the two teachers and offer instruction in their own areas of expertise
• Is assessed monthly through model centre meetings

Name: Priyanka Hiralal Shrivastav
DOB: 12th Jan, 1997(?)( 12 years)
Name of Formal School: Love Grove Road Pumping Station Upper Primary Marathi School
Std: 6th (Marathi medium)
Residential Address: Dr. Annie Besant Road, Mariamma Nagar, Worli, Mumbai - 18
Father’s Name: Hiralal Shivram Shrivastav
Occupation: Security Guard
Mother’s Name: Vidya Hiralal Shrivastav
Occupation: Housemaid
No. of siblings: 3(1 sister and 2 brothers)-
Native Place: Uttar Pradesh
Religion : Hindu
No. of years at Maharashtra: 8 years

Priyanka is a very quite child and is very attentive and sincere. She is very hard working too and tries and not gives up. Even during empowerment sessions even if she is not participating you know that she is paying attention and grasping concepts. She needs a strong push all the time to perform well, in spite of a lot of influence from her peers she has still been able to hold on to her focus and interest in studies.


Thank you - you made me feel like a real "Winner".


  1. I often thought about all the many common faces, I get to see daily, wanted to believe that each one of them have a great heart- you just made me believe more on that notion.

  2. Wonderful effort Neeraj! Please keep the good work going!

  3. Am touched to know that Give India even takes the trouble to write back a feedback, giving details of the beneficiary.

    I can understand how u feel.



  4. Feedback is the best part of giveindia. I am using this site for a long time. I like their concept of gifting donations on special occasions. Good work !!

  5. Dear Neeraj,

    Thank you so much for supporting the Akanksha Foundation and believing in the cause.. it really inspires us to work that much harder .

    The Akankha Team

  6. @suparna - This is the least I can do. Your team is performing the best possible job.