Accept What You Cannot Change, Change What You Cannot Accept

If someone walks into the middle of your life and tells you that your life isn't really the entire truth of the universe, what would your reaction be? As an everyday person, you would reject him instantly. You would call such a person, mysterious, superstitious, insane and so on. The same is the case with our Falun Dafa or Dafa or Fa. The extent to which you study and practice the Fa, the closer you would progress towards the truth of the universe. Unfortunately, for an everyday person it is very difficult to give up his rigid mentality, prejudiced views and his past learnings. This contradicts with my current knowledge and beliefs, he would protest. This all seems hypothetical theory which is hard, way too hard to believe and follow. As the Fa says, humankind must fundamentally change its conventional thinking and open up their minds to accept new ideas and approaches. Otherwise the current civilization will forever continue to crawl in between the boundaries which is delimited by its own ignorance and prejudices.

Imagine the world in which we live today, our interpretations of progress is confined to what we refer to as scientific advances, technological progressions and the amenities of the modern human lifestyle. If a couple of hundred years back, if someone said that man would be able to walk on the moon, then he would definitely be declared a fool, superstitious or an idiot. Without even having a spacecraft invented, how can a person really talk about a theory of man reaching on the moon? It would sound like a joke. The mentality of accepting unforeseen facts, possibilities or a form of existence entirely depends on the mind-set of human beings. I have seen several people around who do not understand the facts but have a very strong opinions about some unforeseen truths. Instantly, they reject things that does not make sense to them, they do not comprehend or they are unable to understand.

One of the biggest problem in the humankind of today is their rigid mentality. They believe only those things that they have seen and experienced. They are not willing to change or experience new things for a simple reason that they do not comprehend it, find it too hard to believe. Their channels are blocked and minds are locked. If technology is what can be seen, felt and heard they gather a firm belief in it. They wholeheartedly accept it as the absolute truth of the universe. Modern man call it science or technology and has made it a way of life. This is how they fail to realize that this is just a small part of the entire truth of the universe. They are confined to believe this way and the various dimensions of life are not even thought to explore. This is what is happening with the Fa.

The understanding of modern man is restricted to the knowledge and experiences that occur between his birth and the so called death. Right since his birth, he gathers numerous attachments to matter. Food, water, land, shelter, garments, property, money etc. are all various forms of matter. With his pair of eyes, all he can see is various forms of matter. He sees what his eyes reflect back on his brain. The pair of eyes he owns is pretty much confined to see matter in this dimension of the universe. If one says, there exists a third eye in between ones eye brows, it is quite possible that many of us would straight away reject this concept. Even modern scientists have accepted that there exists an aperture (tianmu) in between ones forehead. But they are just not able to explain it. Their rigid mentality is a hurdle in order to get a better understanding of the human life. This is the reason why even today, everyday person is not able to comprehend how human brain works, whether there really exists something called as a mind, from where thoughts originate - do they have any material existence and so on. Humankind is unwilling to believe anything beyond what they can comprehend in this physical dimension filled with matter. The largest thing they know are planets and the smallest one is a cell, an atom, a proton, an electron or a neutron. They have not been able to build such a microscope which could foresee beyond this physical dimension.

Such rigid thinking is a huge hurdle in self improvement and cultivation. We have raised ourselves to think at a very low level and thus our understanding of life is very tiny and restricted. Everyday people find it so easy to fool others, bully them and commit serious sins. With a very shallow understanding of life, it is very difficult to grow up and become enlightened.


  1. This is the first time i come across your post. Very nice post indeed. Try submitting your blog posts to for more viewers.

  2. a thoughtful post indeed! I m not aware of the FA theory..but will definitely make a point to read abt it as it really makes sense to me at least! and yes, u r right in ur saying that people today believe and work on their set mental patterns. either it has to be logical and scientific or it does not exist..this inertia is actually taking mankind towards its ultimate doom!
    when v talk about emotions, existence, reality...we need to broaden our horizons and look beyond what we observe to what we feel and seek out of this life! :)


  3. @Sarah, Appreciate! Giving up rigid mentalities and being open to new thoughts is what can make all the difference to human kind. I am referring to many unknown phenomena which exist around us and which modern men and women cannot comprehend must be revisited with a fresher perspective. This is only possible when humankind can come out of its mundane, conventional mentality.

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