LOST Imparts a Strong Message

The chaos and confusion occurring in the mind of the viewers for almost 6 long years has ended recently with the LOST finale coming to a conclusion. Whether or not it is a real conclusion is a debatable topic but it is undoubtedly true that this TV series has set up a bar too high in the field of television entertainment. LOST had hosted 5 seasons until 2009 and this year hosted the final season i.e. LOST - the final season. With the final season coming to an end, I personally feel that the producers have left us wandering for the answers to the questions that engulfed our gray cells from Season 1 through Season 5 last year. The way this series was shaping up, I had great expectations from the producers and I am really happy to say that the final season ended in an interestingly unusual manner. Right from the first frame of the series, when Jack Shepherd opens up his eye in the Island, the story has made us think. Unusual things like the smoke monster, time traveling, electromagnetism and it's effects on human mind, destiny, fate compelled us to think from a scientific perspective. Some great scientists do believe that time traveling can be explained using the theory of relativity which is duly based on the relation between speed, distance, time and energy. Well, that's just one perspective I used to understand the entire story. But, it fails to answer all of the questions that are being raised by the producers of LOST.

After studying the entire story, I then turned up to a different perspective. The makers of LOST have made a brilliant attempt to portray a story which is awesomely entertaining, mind boggling, intelligent and above all imparting a great message to an ordinary viewer. I believe that the makers have intentionally made sure that they do not provide specific answers to all the questions a casual viewer might raise. In order to understand the message, it is very important to change your bent of mind from a viewer with straight line of thinking to a viewer with lucidly free flowing thoughts and a stream of understanding. I know that is difficult to understand but that is all what getting LOST is all about. Well, in this post, let me explain the gist of the story in my very own way and perspective.

Using my perspective, I have built a few theorems that explains and answers most of the important questions raised. However, this won't answer all of the questions that are specific to the character of the story. The makers of the story have made sure that they leave some questions unanswered for the viewers to figure out. One of the reasons why I loved the way LOST concluded is that it didn't end up like a conventional, single threaded story - ones like the happily ever after or the ones with a straight conclusion. I love the way it progressed and the way in which it ended. Although the series ended with the 6th season, it has imparted a very strong message and that is to - 'Let Go' and 'Move On'.

Often in our lives, we come across situations wherein we feel so bad about our existing life situation. We just get carried away by these situations so much so that we build confines amongst ourselves and get trapped in it.

The story of LOST starts with the Oceanic flight 815 getting crashed on an island. Now, whether or not the passengers actually died in the plane crash is left to the viewers discretion. What's more important here is to understand that most of the people on the plane which includes the main characters of the story viz. Jack, Hugo, Kate, James or Sawyer, Sayid and so on were very much trapped within the confines of their personal worldly problems. That is the reason why they were chosen up for the Island in the first place. Who really chose them? Was it Jacob or the makers of the story is again left to the viewer's discretion.

The Island is actually an epitome of the source of life within every human being. To say we are different entities, different bodies, getting born in different forms and time period. But, the source of life is one thing that binds us all. And that is what we call the Island. The source of life has two distinct perspectives, the good and the evil. Nevertheless, there is a superpower that safeguards this source or the heart of the Island. Jacob - the character who enacts as the protector of the Island plays this role.

The Island is timeless. It has the power to heal every problem associated with life. When the flight 815 crashed on the Island, the passengers were almost in the transition process from life to death. And then there is re-birth. The Island has the potential to give it all. The entire story that took place is between this transition phase. When one says that he had a near death experience, he actually reaches the Island, the source of life. When the Oceanic 6 (the six survivors of the flight 815 air-crash) escaped from the Island, they resumed their mundane normal lives which were same as their lives before the accident. There wasn't really any change in their situations. That is the reason why they were needed back on the Island. It is not actually, Benjamin Linus or Charles Widmore summoning them or provoking them to come back; it is the call of the destiny. They actually figure out a means to come back to the Island when they meet Dan Faraday's mother - another near death experience.

The exact moments when all the main characters of the story died is not distinctly specified but it is true that they died at different points in time. But it is more important for us to realize that it was on the Island that all of these characters came out of their confines of worldly issues. For instance, Jack who had issues with his father Christian only realized the situation of a father when he actually became a father of a fictional son David. Jin changed his perspective towards his wife Sun. However, some like Michael committed grave sins which eventually restricted them from moving out of their own confines - they remained trapped on the Island. The final season of the story is all about imparting good messages. But that is possible only when we change our perspectives towards difficult life situations. It is utmost important that it is love that binds us all as humans in the long run. Eventually, the characters of the story build up relationships amongst themselves in order to lead a better life ahead. Life and death is a continuous journey and there doesn't really exist anything like 'Now' in this course. It is important for us all to realize that we have come up from the same source - the Island.

Good and evil are relative and they can change forms. Jacob, the protector of the Island and the Man in Black were identical twins. However, the Man in Black came across the fact that their actual mother was killed by the lady who enacted their fake mother. Jacob was reluctant to accept this fact. The truth was hidden and this gave rise to an evil situation wherein Jacob killed his own brother. This is when the evil black smoke (monster) came out of the source and started corrupting the Island inhabitants. It's only when we devote a reasonable time to understand the truth, and the people around us we can actually stop the growth of the evil. This was probably, the mistake which Jacob referred to during his brief conversations.

The story, in a nutshell, tells us to 'move on' with every difficult situation in life and 'let go' certain things rather than constraining ourselves or quibbling over the problems. Everything in life exists for a purpose. It only ends once, everything that happens before that is just progress.

This is just my personal interpretation of the story, if you think otherwise, move on...


  1. I completely agree with you. Lost was a show for strong thinkers from the beginning and its producers always expected the viewers to bring their own ideas to the table. Nothing was spoon-fed to us, and if it had been, I would have been really disappointed. Great article.

  2. Neeraj when are you going to publish a book. It will be a best seller and will definitely be made into a movie.
    I am waiting....

  3. Thank you nirupama for such a motivating comment. I hope you are not kidding me :P.... I will definitely give it a try though - just not sure of the timelines yet! :) God Bless!