Hyderabad Blues

Since last 3 weeks I am in Cyberabad and am intended to stay here for the next month till the completion of my training at Infosys. The city is a real treasure of culture. My life has simply changed drastically since I have came here or to be more precise since I have joined Infosys.

Me @ the Infosys HYD campus

Me with Ashutosh outside the food court(2nd largest dome in Asia)

The Infy Food Court

My weekdays are weary but the weekends are bliss! There are lots and lots of things to do in the weekends. There are so many places to visit, so many pending tasks! Seems like the to-do list has no upper bound. No matter I am still to visit the much awaited Ramoji Film City and the Charminar. Last weekend I visited a beautiful lake Durgam-Cheru, near Madhapur. Thanks to Suraj one of my best friends who suggested me of the place. It was late in the evening when we reached the lake but it was simply marvellous, a well maintained lake with artificial waterfalls and show gardens, in fact a favourite hangout for young boys and girls who don't find sanctity in the crowds of the city.

Me and Suraj @ Durgam-Cheru lake

Rimpu, Me, Suraj, Vinay @ the Keshav Reddy's confectionaries

Here at Infosys Hyderabad DC, I am a member of the Health Club that consists of the Gym, the pool, table tennis, lawn tennis, basket ball, volley ball, carrom, chess and my favourite the swimming pool. I believe that these physical activities are very much required for one to stay fit. This thing I realized when I found my belly competing with my chest after hours of work on the computer. Well, regular exercise is always good for people belonging to all age groups.

Its hard to choose a target but easy to shoot once you choose one!

And the only task I think of after getting worn out due to the days work is having a cup of coffee with my colleagues.

Me, Aditya, Md. Ali Khan (Ali Baba), Chetan Dubey, Arun Srivastava (Captain) during the coffee break

And guess with whom this last pic of mine is with! Yeah you are right! Its sachin..but not sachin tendulkar its sachin jain.

Bangalore Greens!

Coming soon...


  1. I just wrote my post
    "Bangalore Blues..."
    I wish i cud supplement mine too with pics as urs...
    Ur camera is cool yaar!

  2. Yeah! nice to hear from u Prasi! Well I think you have a good sense of imagination and the verbal skills to put them down on paper.

    I use pictures in my blog to avoid words(which people don't like to go through). Pictures are self explainatory, aren't they?

  3. nice to know you are enjoying Hyderabad
    Oh! how i wish to be out of Mumbai
    Well...You never know what life has in store for you

    As always, it looks like you have made new friends....
    Thats good...always make new friends and after a while you will no longer have enemies

    Keep Blogging and Rock On dude!

  4. that has to be the nicest food court i've ever seen!