The new edge of imaging with my new Digicam


My passion for photography has compelled me to buy a new Canon A510 digital camera and believe me it took me 5 months to arrive at this decision. After a great lot of research and second thoughts on which one to buy, finally I settled on this best buy.
Hats off! for the terse guidance of my colleague Mr. Yogesh Jangam which was indeed remarkable.

I am a born adorer of nature and so of photography and I believe that this passion improves ones creativity and innovation. Pictures are for ever and they depict all those valuable moments. You can always look back at them and smile. They are indeed precious!


  1. nice snap
    good balance of GREEN grass and WHITE sky

    take more and more snaps and u will get better

    Rock On

  2. nice pictures! i'm terrible with a camera

  3. Hi allison,

    Nice to get your response. Normally to respond to Yogesh's posts! Haha!
    Well its from him I was inspired of photography and even buying a new camera.

    Photography is a real art. And now I believe that looking at a good photograph is 100 times easier than taking a good picture.

    I am just a beginner! :)

  4. mmm
    amazing foto..i guess the camera did more work that the photographer ha..kidding ok!
    Great work!

  5. Hey Neeraj

    Nice blog and great snaps too....
    Amazing photographs...
    Great Job!!!