So Blue, so green - Infosys

The Infosys Hyderabad campus is a bliss. Its a real treasure of beauty and nature. Would like to share some of my moments with you.


  1. hi neeraj

    nice pics again...[remove taht blogurll...he he just kidding..just that it annoys someone...incl me]

    Your cell is working or not.
    Not able to call you

  2. Hi Yogesh!

    Nice that you liked the photographs. Thanks! Yeah, regarding the url on my images, its just a way to recognise the source of the creation. Books, paintings, photographs do have copyrights. Its simply a way to honour the artist/creator. Even Infosys teaches to respect this. Do quote the references of the book,reference material etc. you are using in your content. Thats what they call values!

    I have used my blog's url in my photographs simply to avoid anonymous claims and misuse. Thats it!!

  3. umm...nice thing...but i don'know it should be less revealing.

    Anyway i would also put that....