The Golkonda fort

Yesterday I visited the historic Golkonda fort. It is a strategically built fort with strong architecture, an amazing example of high engineering skills 800 years ago. No sooner did we enter one of the 7 fort gates than we came across this fort map.


The Golkonda fort map

The fort is located at a very high location of the city and visible from various parts of the city. The apex of the fort is where the king used to stay.

The fort apex

Such are the fort complexities

On top of the fort

The Taramati masjid

In the evening, the A.P. tourism department arranges a light show which was immensely informative. The show narrated the story of the fort, the people that stayed there who have now became nothing but a part of history. The narration took our minds several years behind the time wheel. I felt as if I was one of the inseparable part of those times. The cries, those voices, those beautiful lights enhanted me. Above all the Bose-speakers added charm in the special effects of the entire show.


We also visited the famous Qutub Shahi tombs just 1 km away from the Golkonda.

Jiten, Me and Manoj at one of the tombs

At the Aurangzeb's mosque

So calm, so soothing!

The information - Qutub Shahi tombs

And here comes the masterpiece...

It was a weary day and I was really exausted but contented. The visit gave me one of the most valuable information about the city and its people.


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  2. Hi neeraj
    This is new post? You seem to be visiting some cool places..wish i could do that too

    how was your trip to mumbai