I want to break free...


Ever felt the lightness of heart after a days hardwork, the enthusiasm of mind after you have finished your mission, the peace after a stressful job, the relaxation after you finish your examination or the happiness you get after you achieve the thing you were always longing for!

Life is a good yet complex amalgum of stress and relaxation! You realize the sweetness of relaxing after you overcome a long phase of stress! You would never know the serenity of peace and silence if you are unaware of noise. The value of any thing can be very well judged only if you missed it in its abscence.

Though a continued happiness does not make any sense to me if not prefixed by pain. But it is the only thing that makes me enjoy the happiness and gain.
Its then when I really want to break free...


  1. Once again! Nice snap

    It reminds me of a sculpture of Jesus in Brazil


    Carry on dude
    Would call you next week

  2. Yes! I agree the relaxation after a days hardwork is Heaven on Mother Earth!Especially when you come back from office at 3am and have to report back at 7am. :-)