Smells like Kurt Cobain


Kurt Donald Kobain (1967-1994)

Whenever I think of this man I remain spellbound.
What words should I use to describe this icon ... a legend or a masterpiece of the almighty. His music speaks and his voice rocks. Kurt Cobain and Nirvana gave voice to an entirely new generation.

The honesty and empathy of his music breathed new life and hope into glazed world. Whats the use of my blog if I don't have a page for Kurt.

I have listened to his song "Smells like Teen Spirit" for more than 1000 times and the count will go infinite. He will keep on inspiring me and the generations to come.

Miss you Kurt :(


  1. Yea..very true buddy...he is a true rock icon...i love all his songs...n i prefer Metallica too

  2. Metallica rocks too and I am hooked to "Death Magnetic" these days!