I am a Coder!

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Recently I met one of my old mates and I happened to ask him about his work. I was happy to know that he was now a part of a reputed software company. My enthusiasm increased and so did my questions.

"Are you into software development? I mean are you a programmer?", I asked him curiously.
"Nay! I am a software engineer!", my friend replied.

Well that really disconcerted me. Actually he wanted to convey me that he was into programming but he did't want himself to be recognised as a coder. I really do not understand why people think coding is so paltry job and must be done only by the juniors when it is well known that coding forms the base of any robust computer application.
No matter every computer engineer enters into the software industry as a fresher or a software trainee, does some programming work for a few years and attains a respectable position in the industry viz. a team lead or a project manager. But that doesn't mean one should forget the basics of software development.
I really do not have any objection if people call me a programmer or a coder and not a software engineer.
The grace lies in how you do your work and not what work you do. Above all every brick counts when you build a wall.

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  1. i have to symphatize with ur friend neeraj

    For me its like carrying a golden badge with words "Programmer" embossed it

    But he might be an B.E (is he??) so for him s/w engineer sounds good

    But take it from it comes to what he does...

    Engineer build.....
    Civil - Buildings
    Computer - Applications

    but programmer..they do much more than build app...they makes sure it stays like that...

    So do not worry

    Although you might be a Software Engineer or Software Developer or Software Associate or ....
    main thing is in your heart are you a Programmer