The Fear of the Dark

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People call me a pessimist when I tell them that I fear the dark. Whenever I give some examination or wait for the results I am let down with the fear of failure. But believe me it is this fear of the negative side that drives me towards success.

I still remember the day when I was so afraid to collect the results of my Std. X examination that I stayed at home and sent my Mom to school. It was only when I heard that I have secured a distinction that I headed towards the school. This doesn't necessarily imply my cowardice or negative psychology and neither lack of confidence but a mere fear of the dark. With a gradual increase in experiences, there is a definite decline in the feeling but it still prevails.

In fact, I regard this as one of my strengths cos' it prevents my confidence from turning into over-confidence. A proper proportion of both the confidence and fear conjoined with efforts leads to success!

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