Definitely Male - Bajaj Pulsar DTS-i 150cc Bike

I am now a proud owner of undisputably the best new motorcycle in India - A Black Bajaj Pulsar 150 cc bike with DTS-i engine.

Motorcycling has always been my dream sport but due to some reason or the other, I was always deprieved of it. I have always loved motorcycling and I reckoned that this would be my last opportunity to indulge myself. So I spent extra time and efforts researching all the new and not-so-new bike models on the market and finally made up my mind to go for a Bajaj Pulsar after getting bombarded by an overwhelming amount of good press and positive word-of-mouth about it.

Immense power, simple handling, a good milage, excellent performance, *exy looks, strong head and pleasant tail lights are all the striking features of this bike. Alas! my bike is still in its running-in period where-in I have orders "Not to cross the speed limit of 40kmph"... Believe me it is like keeping a panther in a cage. But really can't help it cos' this is for the good and a longer life of my panther ... Oops I mean Pulsar. Anyways,
what difference does that make? I consider 'Pulsar ' and 'Panther' synonymous...

With the shock-absorbers for both the wheels, riding the new pulsar now is like riding a car. And the Mac wheels adds a golden feather in its looks. Pulsar can definitely be regarded as the 'Opel Corsa' of bikes. And I feel no other bike stands in competition with my new Pulsar.


  1. umm!!!

    Woh sab to thik hai
    but when are you gonna show us the bike
    either in flesh (or should i say in metal)
    or in snaps from ur T610??

    Tell us!!

  2. Oh! YJ,

    I would show it to you soon dude. BTW what do you mean by in flesh
    I don't want any bad sight on my panther. Hmm...


  3. cmon man

    Its common english term

    ex.. i want to see Mallika Sherawat in the flesh....

    means u want to see xyz in person...after u know u have heard and seen that person in news, talks

    So seeing in the flesh...actually meeting some one .....

  4. Okay! Let's meet in flesh tomorrow!.... :)

    Did that sUcK?? ;-)