Once Upon A Monday Morning...

October 10, 2009, India - It was the Monday Morning again and numerous things were haunting his weary mind. A weekend proved futile to soothe his much pressurized mind and soul. Why there has to be a Monday every time after the Sunday evening, he thought as he blamed himself for his state. Life has always been like that and today was a no exception to it, he tried to convince himself as he took his seat in his cubicle. He opened his office bag and got out his laptop computer, placed it on the desk and turned it on.

He continued to stare at its booting screen. With every moment that passed by, his blood pressure rose just as the loading progress bar which gradually moved towards the right. He looked down at his pot belly and thought about the escalation of the issue that took place in his project last Friday. It was not that he was a bad employee at work; sometimes things just happen and get out of control. Nevertheless, it was time to confront the new week. He must overcome all his fears, no matter what and that was the need of the time. He held his breathe for a while and started to recollect the events that occurred last week. Just as his laptop completed loading its contents into its memory, he seemed to be back with a recollection of all that he needed to complete for the day. Life has become so mechanical and it simply sucks, he thought.

A smile spread on his face just as he glared at the wallpaper of his computer - the car that he had recently bought. It seemed an expensive one but not for the ones who can easily afford it by paying all in hard cash. He loved his possessions just as every other office guy. All that life expected from him was to work for them, spend long hours sitting inside his cubicle and carry strains, tensions - Tit for Tat. Nothing is fetched in so easy after all, he thought. Despite all that he had, it never fetched him happiness. He hated his work, his boss and colleagues alike. He decided to come out of the early Monday phobia by grabbing a small cup of coffee from the vending machine. It was this liquid, that passed from one machine to the mouth of another that formed the key ingredient of the company's success, he thought sometimes.

I have to drink it, I have to work upon this shit and I have to finish this by this week - his thoughts continued.

He came back to his seat.

"Aahh...” he murmured in pain as a sudden stroke in his heart took over his control.

The very next moment he found himself on the floor. He closed his eyes, unable to bear the pain which just penetrated deeper and deeper with every moment that passed. And then it was dark, no feelings, no stress and no fear. He realized that what happened to him was paranormal. All he now knew was that he was feeling light, lighter than a feather. It was bright, brighter than the sun all over. He tried to look at himself, but it was nothing that he found to look at. It was something supernatural that had took him over. Suddenly, he was glued at the sight he came across. He was able to have a visual sense of his body that was lying on the floor, the chair which was tilted over the ground and his colleagues trying to wake up his body. He waited there, astonished and puzzled. It was him. Am I dead? He asked himself.

"Hello son!” a strong voice diverted his attention.

The voice was divine. It was like he had, never in his life, heard before. Although it sounded strange, he felt like it was kinda familiar. But he lacked enough memory to which he could relate this voice to. He looked straight upwards and halted his vision at a shadow which he came across.

"Yes, that's you my dear! You have decided to shed away your weary and discontented body this time. Follow me my son!” the shadow said.

"What?... Please don't..., God...” he stuttered.

"It's okay son. You have already had a rough journey until here. Don't worry" the shadow insisted.

He looked back at his lifeless body in grief. The office employees had by now gathered at his desk; each one trying his turn to bring him back to his senses. He stole a moment to think about all the pending tasks he had left behind - his family members, his only daughter, his job, unfulfilled promises, dreams and commitments. A feeling of guilt covered him as he felt sorry for hating his job.

"It's too early for me God. I want to finish a lot of stuff. I owe so many things to many people... please... I want to...” he spoke in despair.

The shadow listened calmly to every word that he spoke and to every plead he made. He was restless and seemed with a zest.

"There you are my son. You want to do it. That sounds like zeal to me.", said the voice. "I came to you as I heard your heart saying, you have to do it. Things are always easy when you say you want to. You still have time son. I cannot take you away against the power of your will. Bless you", proclaimed the voice.

A sudden jerk woke him up from the chair he was sitting upon. He took a look around. For a moment, he was unable to understand what was happening to him. Is this a reality or was that a dream? His thoughts resumed wandering into his mind. It must be a dream for sure. He recollected the words he had just heard. It wasn't the voice of the God but a thought from his inner self. He smiled at himself and opened up the email from his Inbox - this time with a zest. His work, now had realized a new purpose and it seemed much easier for him than before.

Most of the times, things are merely done because you have to; but, it makes a huge difference in your life when you do it because you want to.


  1. "Most of the times, things are merely done because you have to; but, it makes a huge difference in your life when you do it because you want to."

    so true!!!:)


  2. The message in your story couldn't be more relevant and better said.
    Just reminds me of something I read somewhere, it goes as - that when you try to resist something it adds pain and burden. But the moment you stop resiting and let yourself flow with the all pervading driving forces, things smooth out.

  3. Go with the flow ... "be" where you "are" .... "do" what you are doing

    good thought !

  4. your story reminds me of "Veronica decides to die" by Paulo Coelho

  5. Oh yes - it does make a huge difference if something is done out of free will without any coercion! Very well written, as always!

  6. Most of the times, things are merely done because you have to; but, it makes a huge difference in your life when you do it because you want to.brilliant...

  7. impressive blog, did not read much, just wanted to register my presence :)

  8. nice blog. how did u place the header pic? i tried but couldnt fit it as i wanted it..

  9. Writing was spot on and story telling was just too good.

    I am an atheist but I liked the story because of the underlying message in this. Cheers :)

  10. This story is not truly atheistic. The shadow is a mere epitome of the positive provocations from the within. Every person is an amalgam of both the negative and positive provocations. Monotonous work and lifestyle tend us to forget the purpose behind the work we do. It is only when a situation like loosing everything we possess or sacrificing our dreams, we realize the importance of our duties and the work in hand. Monday Morning is the time when such negative provocations dominate most of us. The office guy in the story is just like me and you! The jist lies in keeping on enjoying what we do...