The Lament Of A Golden Ring

October 15, 2009 Pune, India - It was raining heavily that Friday afternoon. After a late lunch, her mother-in-law looked busy watching the afternoon television program. The day’s long work was making her weary; left with almost no energy to enjoy the show. She watched her mother-in-law who seemed so engrossed into the show that she didn’t dare to interrupt her. The show would last for another hour and that would give her enough time to grab a quick nap, she thought. Finally, with a heavy load of weariness, she moved on and reached the bedroom. She saw her father-in-law sleeping peacefully on the bed. She decided not to enter and came back to the kitchen to sleep.

The downpour seemed almost unstoppable. She stood in front of the kitchen window watching the rain. A sudden thunder, although a few miles away, scared her for a moment. She looked out of the window over the roof of the adjacent house. Her sleepy eyes were glued at the romantic pair of the pigeons. She always loved to watch birds. The newlywed held the window pane with her hand and secretly continued watching them in their nest. They made her think of her husband for whom she was waiting eagerly.

She was recalling the last three months of her new life and realized the way things had changed drastically in her life. Often she felt sad to have been departed from her parents’ place. It was her mom to whom she missed a lot. She remembered how she had convinced her mom, that she would be able to adjust herself in the cramped house of her in-laws. Things seemed so difficult to her in the start, her mind was so skeptical about her new life, new family members and the most crucial was the man on whom she had relentlessly believed to live her life with. She was not really bothered of it all. She liked what her parents had chosen for her future. Was it her parents? Not really, they had merely supported her decision. Never in her life before, had she given a thought to the fact that her life would change so much all of a sudden.

Her mind continued to wander in the past until she went to sleep.

She saw a dream.

"We don't wish to hear that again! A gold chain and a ring is what a groom's ritual must consist of" spoke a hoarse voice.

"I am sorry...", said a meek voice, "I really cannot afford this. Please try to understand my situation. This was never brought up before the engagement. I am really sorry. I cannot afford it. I am already struggling with my debts" the voice pleaded.

She woke up wide awake. She was able to feel the sound of the racing heartbeats. It was not a dream for real. It was the resurrection of the events in the past. Everything seemed so green in her mind. The dream made her revisit the wrinkled face of her poor father. She cursed herself for being the reason behind the soaring EMIs he paid to the Bank. His savings had yet proved futile to buy a golden ring to his son-in-law. The dream reminded her of the cries of her weeping mother who was equally helpless as her husband's savings.

She was unable to take the pain anymore. It was her mom's voice that she was dying to hear . She came out of the kitchen. Her mother-in-law still seemed uninterrupted by her approach in the drawing room. She walked up towards the telephone and dialed a number.

"Hello, Ma... It's me, Seema" she said, hastily.

"How are you Ma...? I miss you a lot... I just called up to say..." her speech was interrupted as her mother-in-law pulled back the receiver from her hand.

"Shut up, you freebie! It's not your mother who pays the telephone bill" said the in-law as she banged the receiver down on the table.

Her eyes were now filled with tears. She came back to the kitchen window. Her eyes were transfixed back to the pigeon’s nest. There were three of them now. The female bird held her eggs. The other two were filling her beak with the food that they had brought.

She burst out crying.

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Who : Neeraj Shinde
What : The Lament Of A Golden Ring
Tangy : The plight of many women in the Indian Society has been portrayed in this post by Neeraj. Neeraj has been dishing out some wonderful posts from time to time and this is one of them. A post which you cannot miss reading.


  1. plight of a women .... it starts from a foetus and ends with a corpse !

  2. This was a realistic fiction.
    Don't know how many girls go through this mental torture everyday. Naveen is right, it starts from foetus and ends with a corpse. :(

  3. very nice...bought out all the emotions in the best possible way

  4. btw have u been in baroda ever?

  5. Navin, your comment is so thoughtful. A single line explains it all. Now my post to describe the plight seems so paltry!

    Shilpa, Although it may look like a fiction, it depicts the hard truth of several Indian women who get married. It is disgusting to see that even groom's families hailing from the prosperous sections of the Indian societies ask for a dowry. A ritual or a felicitation of the groom - it is just that they change the name. The evil prevails. It is even more disheartening that, in such cases, it is the woman who becomes an enemy of the another woman. When is this attitude going to change? Sad but true.

    Uncommon sense, Thanks and I have never been to Baroda yet!

  6. actly i had a friend with ur same name neeraj shinde.. also he looked quiet similar to u..

  7. simply awesome buddy!
    keep up the good work wid a cause!! :)

  8. What a meaningful ending! Keep up the good work...

  9. Hey neeraj.. a nice post there.. succinct nd thoughtful.. Kudos:)

  10. a trite plot but your narration made up for it..and added say the least

  11. The fate of women in India - is terrible and appalling! If only pple realize how important it is to be inclusive and accept others with love and kindness.........!

  12. I am here through blogadda. Loved this sad, sad story. It's realistic, it's easy to imagine a young girl living a life just like this...

    Such stories always make me angry. Angry because we are so convinced that a girl must get married at a certain age - we don't care how that marriage is arranged, whether it brings happiness to her and her family or not - we refuse to see marriage as just one of the many options a girl has in life... To the limit that parents would rather kill an unborn baby than give birth to her and let her choose a life that makes her happy :(

  13. congrats for tangy Tuesdays.

  14. Hey this was really good!!! This is indeed a true story :( I know lot of women who have faced such a kind of torture! Sigh! when will the society improve?!!

  15. A Real-Life Story...Only God knows in how many houses this must be happening! You have expressed it very well.

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  17. Thanks Rahul, I shall definitely send you an email as per your request! Appreciate your interest in my writings!

  18. Neeraj,

    I appreciate your sensitivity and also your style.I am sure to come back for more stories.

    All the best.