I Hate Roshan Uncle - 55 Fiction

October 21, 2009 Pune, India - This is my very first attempt to get involved into a 55 fiction story. I have been going through this genre of literary writings for a while recently. The stuff reminds me of the precis writing exercises during my school days.

What-so-ever, here is the story:

"The little one carried her new doll everywhere. It was a birthday gift from Roshan uncle, their family friend.

It was a break from those mundane chocolates, thought the little one.

Her parents loved their neighbors, their being caring and generous.

But she was unhappy about something, untold.

Few years later, she burned her doll."

Stunned? Now, if you are one of those who are parenting a child and still wondering the reason behind this, then I owe you nothing but pity. Child abuse is penetrating deeper and deeper into the veins of our society yet there has been a very little or negligible awareness in this regard.

I really wonder, how many of us would dare to stand up against this sadistic behavior. I also wonder how many of the parents are aware of their child's past and if s/he could ever gather the guts to speak that out. Many grow up, carrying a faint memory of their past somewhere in the corner of their brains yet prefer to keep mum.

Is it ever going to stop?

Parents of today, are getting busier than ever before. Baby sitters and neighbors have always been ready for their rescue. But, you could never adjudge their trustworthiness. The next time when your child says that s/he doesn't like someone, believe it because there is no face that a Roshan Uncle possesses.

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  1. one of the best..
    hatts off...
    take a bow...

    all the emotions in one carving..

  2. btw
    did you check my take on the same topic?

  3. @ Neeraj

    Tough to believe, it’s your first attempt on 55fiction! Well done!! And very well depicted a very sensitive issue prevailing is so called a civilized world.

    I find myself very proud when I find young people like you so much realizing the facts and with such strong thoughts adding little more to the awareness deed. Cheers to your efforts!

    A successful 55fiction attempt made. Bring it on more of such thoughtful 55fictions. Congratulations!

    |P.S.| Incidentally, I also made few days back my very first attempt in 55fiction writing, you may like to have a glance over it, and the link is:

  4. Liked it.. and this is your first attempt at it? WOW..

  5. RSV, Thanks for those encouraging comments of yours. Just went through your post and it's a very different take on child abuse. But I kinda disagree with the fact that a child may enjoy such act! Almost all of them are not in a position to understand that they are being sexually exploited.

    Rachana, Just went through your first 55 fiction attempt and it was a good one. I guess, most of such stories depict the identity of the central character in the last few words. Is that a trivial way of writing such stories. I have lots more to learn.

    Avada, Thank you so much.

  6. Wonderfully very written! It reminds of Rahul's post a few days ago on the same subject!

    Child abuse is a very serious problem and needs a lot of education to the child so as to help the child combat it and report it timely!

    Sadly, this doesnt always happen!

  7. First attempt but power packed attempt! Good one!

    Unfortunately, many parents know more about outside world than what the happenings in the world of their dear little ones.

  8. @Rakesh, Indeed child abuse is a serious offense. Unfortunately, I did not find Rahul's post on the topic constructive enough or rather demoralizing. How can a kid enjoy such an act in the first place, when they are not aware of what is happening to them.

    @Lakshmi, Appreciate your appreciation. That's sad but true.

  9. Neeraj a brilliant first attempt.. Child abuse is a trending topic on blogosphere these days, urs happens to b 5-6th post um reading on it in past one mnth.. nd sumtimes over dose of a social cause can also bcm monotonous(without taking away its gravity).. bt u treatd it nicely. moreovr its ur frst 55er.. so kudos :)

  10. Brilliant! Child abusers should be castrated seriously! A very good piece of writing :)

  11. Neeraj, not all children are like the girl you mentioned in your post....
    I know its not constructive...but you know this was narrated to me by the 'uncle' himself...and that too on a train journey....
    he accepted that he had taken the wrong path and today he is a happy man again....

    and that is the reason isn't it? the child doesn't know what it is. He just felt it....

  12. Really Good One!

    It is a serious issue that you have addressed. But, I believe there was need for better sensitivity. I hope you will excel in future.

    P.S. I stopped writing 55 Fiction, because I suck in that art.

  13. Create awareness .. change future !!

    an important thought .... expressed in a thoughtful manner

  14. @Vipul, Totally agree with you. I have been too monotonous with my short stories that are centralized merely social issues. I shall make it a point to not to be monotonous. Of course, I write on a bouquet of topics. Thanks for bringing this up!

    @Pramathesh, Agreed that I was kinda insensitive in the story. But I have my own excuses for the same viz. the 55 words and that it was my first attempt at it :) Being creative using apt and terse words is all that matters in it. Long way to go man!

  15. Let's continue the story...Few years later..

    His eyes red, sweat trickled from the forehead, his breath brushed my shoulder. My neck hurts, breathing becomes heightened, a sense of claustrophobia engulfs me , need air, cannot find my voice…hands outstretched desperately found a penknife and stabbed him 73 times.

    Suddenly I woke up… and decided ….today I have to burn that doll.

  16. @Gyanban, Good one! I would have narrated it the same way but unfortunately, it's 55 fiction! :)

  17. Neeraj, kudos to you for stating so much in few words. Its a sad truth of our society and many children go through this trumatic experience in their lives. The popular concept of nuclear families makes young couples handicapped and dependent on others to take care of their children.This makes children vunerable to abuse .I wish people can again start living in joint families with children being raised under the love and tender care of grandparents.

  18. True!! And very well written. We tend to take 'children don't understand' too far. Children may not be able to explain but they do convey very well.

    Often when the child does gather the guts to tell the parents, they risk being blamed for creating rifts and of misunderstanding innocent gestures.

  19. Hmmmm.... nice way to highlight a very prevalent social issue. Pedophiles are the worst kind of criminals coz they shake the very foundation of a persons life. They attck him when (s)he is in the most vulnerable phase of their life. Sad. Very sad indeed.

  20. Unpalatable truth that all parents must be aware of. Child abusers are mostly one's own family members, those who have easy and legitimate access to the child. It is necessary to have an open communication line with children so they feel free to approach parents when they in any way feel uncomfortable by the action of these abusers.
    You have conveyed what you want in the few words!

  21. Hey Neeraj,

    Congratulations for first attempt.

    I dint expect a fiction 55 to be like this...accompanying a message oriented theme.

    Good one :)

  22. the problem with sexual abuse.
    we don't hesitate to talk about violence but shy away from sex. The child thinks the abuse is sexual and shameful and prefers to keep quiet..
    if you leave in someone's care even if relative, even if its a boy not a girl, explain about sexual abuse.
    the child who doesnt complain about sexual abuse might not hesitate to discuss being bullied at school..
    and its important to reassure the child, the child will not cause problems and conflict if it complains.

    know its not easy for parents, but please please think it as duty.

  23. Wow. So much power.
    Child abuse is so horrible. And especially within the desi community, it's even more lethal because no one speaks out and even if a child does, (s)he is never believed because we focus so much on the "elders" concept. This is one of those evils that society CHOOSES to ignore. =[

  24. Even though you have mentioned the ill acts of what Roshan uncle could have done.. really sends shivers.
    A girl would have to be severely traumatized to bury a doll..