But Be Not a Victim!

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August 16, 2009 Pune, India - Draught, pandemic, economic crisis, terror threats, job loss, unemployment, inflation, climatic challenges – Is that all what you call a bad time? Do you feel victimised by any of these ongoing problems? Have you lost the vigour, and passion to keep up everything you always wanted to do in your life? Well, go on as you are not the only person who is feeling the heat. You are just another affected person among the millions across the world. When I say affected ones, it means they are mere stakeholders of the adversities caused due to these ongoing problems and not necessarily the victims. It is the time for us to realize the force behind the world that keeps it going.

Things have never been so easy, but the present fact is that things were never so challenging either. The conditions are demanding men to equip themselves with more valour in order to face the newer challenges than ever before. Sometimes these happenings tend me to revisit the possibilities of the Doomsday – again and again. In a country like India where one of the biggest concerns is the human population, even the smallest of the small calamity could lead to numerous deaths. This has always been true since the onset of evolution and the theory proposed by Darwin sometime back in the pages of history stands valid even today. It is the fittest of all who would stand the wind. The fearful of all is the first to become extinct and that’s the very rule of the nature itself.

When I look back in time, I realize that it is the ray of hope within our hearts that drives us all. If someone says that the world is goanna end tomorrow, I know a majority of us would continue their usual routine, not bothered about the consequences of the future. This is just because, we have believed in the results obtained through the hard work of the morrow. Certainly, this is the correct approach towards problem-tackling. When things go wrong, it is not uncommon for a noble mind to get disheartened, get the feeling of being lost and depressed. This is the time to get rejuvenated. Different people have different ways to tackle depressive conditions. Many of us would like to divert out attentions, at least for a while, towards some lighter things in life. Hobbies and other interests help us a lot. Some of us tend to become spiritual, and try out prayers and chants. Prayers have a divine strength to rejuvenate minds. They help revive your valour and enlighten the ray of hope within you which has always been a driving force behind all your actions. But then you must be still wondering about your problems! They still exist, right? Well, they will always exist in some form or the other. No matter what methods you adopt to get yourselves prepared for the tough scenarios, you just need to face the challenges – no matter big or small. Some men find themselves broken down, experience a drastic fall in their confidence levels and seem stressed out due to the challenges they cannot overcome. This is the time when you are in need of a real breather. Try to come out of the bigger issues, take a small vacation and divert your mind for sometime. Come back and deal with some small problems – this could be as good as a puzzle, a sudoku or a video game. They help you revive your confidence levels, trust me.

Times are real bad and this is the time you need to build your own armour for the battle that is awaiting you. Staying fit is paramount and being calm is even more important. The human mind always performs at its peak when calm. When caught under disturbing situations, there is an obvious demand for a better performance. If you are affected by problems, you always stand a good chance to cope up. If you panic around the situation, you always stand a good chance to fall a victim.

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