And She Wept in My Arms...

August 27, 2009 Pune, India - I woke up early that morning and saw her busy getting breakfast ready for me. I rubbed my eyes and read the hour hand of the table clock - it was pointing towards eight. I got up from the bed and started walking towards her, just to realize the memories of the previous day. That brought me back to my senses. She was not talking to me, I recollected. I was finding it hard to locate the actual reason that had resulted into a dispute among us the previous day. This was the worst among all the quarrels we had so far. There was almost no communication that took place between us since last evening. Today seemed like a continuation of yesterday's battle.

I continued moving ahead in her direction. She was easily able to recognize my presence on the kitchen floor. For a while, she noticed me approaching towards her through the corner of her eyes. Ignoring it all, she moved her face on the other side pretending to be busy with her work. That was well enough for me to change my mind and my direction which was now diverted towards the refrigerator. I took out a bottle of cold water and emptied it till the last drop. I wished to start a little conversation with her. I knew she was not talking to me. Had I taken the initiative, I knew it would be kinda embarrassing to not get back a reply. I decided not to utter a word. Not again, I thought. I was in a no mood to relive a day which was same as yesterday. But, did I have any option? Her reticence was killing me, but then if she is not willing to speak - why the hell should I?

A few minutes later, we had left for our respective offices. Although, some pieces of work kept me busy all day long, my mind reminded me of her every other minute. At times, I wished to call her. I picked up the receiver a couple of times, but all my efforts turned futile. Let her call, I thought. If she owns the same feelings as I do, she will. It's not me who is at fault. I am not calling her and that's for sure. I tried letting not my mind wander in her thoughts. The day continued like every other day and ended just as any other bad day ever would!

I reached home and saw her already arrived from her office. She was facing the bedroom window as her body rested on the bed. I took of my wrist watch and kept it on the table ensuring that it made some noise. I noticed that this had diverted her mind from her thoughts. She turned her face towards me and looked - just the way a two year old would ponder at you if you snatch away his favorite doll from him. I kept looking at her.

"I have a head-ace!” she spoke in a low voice.

I reached her forehead and realized that she had some fever. She pushed my hand away, as if she didn't like my touch. I looked at her in anger.

"You are insane!” I shouted as I left the room.

"Please don't go!” she pleaded. I kept hearing her weary voice as I walked out of the house. Her voice faded away as I kept walking and ultimately came out on the streets.

The memories of yesterday and today started wandering in my mind. They kept on boosting my anger and kept reminding me of all that I had suffered.

I came back to the house after a few minutes and rushed towards her with a glass of water.

"Take this Crocin tablet. We'll go to the doc' this evening if this doesn't get you alright!” I said as I held her palm and caressed her head passionately. She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

"You went to the Chemist's? I thought... ", she kept on speaking as she looked deep into my eyes. Her reticence almost faded away as she kept dropping numerous tears down her face. Her voice kept resembling more like a small baby as she spoke and cried. I hugged her tight and she burst out crying.

"I don't need the medicine honey! All I need is you!” she said. Her words moved me from the bottom of my heart as they kept reminding me of all the stupid mistakes I had unknowingly committed. A paltry 'sorry' would never bring us back the time that we'd ruined.

She kept weeping in my arms as I followed suit.


  1. Dude... this is awesome!! Loved the way u described the incident. I can totally relate to this. :)

  2. very well written neeraj.i agree wd paritosh,u hav described the incident very well...

    keep writting...
    happy blogging!!!!!!!

  3. A very beautifully narrated tale...

  4. Your blog bring Poona to life... and makes me nostalgic...

    Awesome blog bro... keep writing...

  5. sweet is that.Atleast this one has a happy ending.They DID lose some time together but hey in the end they could sort out their problems.And that's enough :)

  6. yes good post
    like the narration
    and finishing

  7. I find awsome as a small word, to describe the way you write. I never knew that you turn to such a writer from a singer ;).
    I again started struggling with old thought of poetry.

  8. You have narrated the incidance quite nicely. I can picture it happening.

  9. Phew! Very well written.......but I'm hoping this isn't true!

  10. WoW! A very amazing expression! And very captivating too! Good one!

  11. It was great from starting to the end.i could imagine it happening as i was reading it.


  12. Just Great yaar.... from start to the end everything looked perfect ... its rocking...

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  14. hey neeraj thnx 4 voting buddy.. ur blog is having pretty appealing luks.. really likd it.
    about this post.. vry realistic narration.. nd a nice open ended story!
    keep reflecting:)

  15. amazing writeup,as if i am watching as its happening!!!cool blog too..kudos

  16. Neeraj,
    Halfway through the story, I stopped and started following your blog and later resumed it again. Actually, this is not my first visit to your blog, this is some fifth time I am visiting but in the previous visits I guess I was not too generous enough to throw in a comment. But this story touched me hard! The story was kinetically appealing, I could imagine myself in the story, something which happens very rarely!

    Good post man.
    Hope I enter a relationship soon!


    1. Thanks Pawan! It's been a long time now. I hope you have already entered into a relationship by now :)

  17. Beautiful story...Probably the part where the guy went to get medicines, but the woman misunderstood his intention of going out of the house :)

  18. Hey Neeraj, it's realy great blogs!

    Good blogs yar post more and more blogs.

  19. Hi Neeraj, impeccable writing style!! Your content directly goes into the heart. And we all know, that's not possible unless & untill it comes from the same place... Thanks a ton for such a lovely post.

  20. Wonderful story...narrated well..!!

  21. That was so beautiful..... and I love happy endings.... so sweet.

  22. wow wow..simply superb dude!

  23. a lovely narration and shows true love.. god bless you both :)

  24. brought tears to my eyes! *sheepish smile :P
    wonderful post! :)

  25. hmmmmm...speechless is an expression! absolutely beautiful!...a post that one can live with while reading...cheers! :-)

  26. Wonderful piece of writing!

    You've expressed it in detail perfectly that I was reading it as if I'm watching it in front of my eyes.

  27. And they say... its hard to understand women... its as simple as that... "All I need is you" !!

    Brilliant... Loved it :)

  28. I did same mistake, my ego killed our relation