Derelict Opeth!

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By Neeraj Shinde
Bangalore, India

Well well well! Let me explain this. It was only until last week that I was hooked up with Watershed, I felt like having more and more and more of Opeth. Until then they were derelict from my sight if not due to lack of opportunity but rather ignorance or may be prejudices.

Dynamically shifts in the music, unexpected twists in the sequences and riffs is something that I had never ever expected from a death metal band. Expected - not at the negative end but this is surprisingly pleasant to have. I love their progression in Porcelain Heart and ofcourse Derelict Herds - that seems to be on the sad note.

Clear Vocals is another feature that adds a feather in their hat and again that something I love to get from a death metal band. And that's why I classify Opeth in a different class from Deicide and Morbid angel.

Now I am hooked up to their 2001 release - Blackwater Park. I hate to evaluate their work in such a reverse direction but it doesn't matter a damn when I get to listen to their variations and more variations in almost every track I come accross. Let me go ahead and evaluate their discography and I would decide whether to increment their fan-list counter or not.

I'm also hooked up to ever inspiring Pearl Jam these days. Nonetheless, Slipknot, Biohazard and Airbourne are next.

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