The Doom Age

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By Neeraj Shinde
Pune, India

Lot of things have been changed in my life since my last post. If not the way I smile, I walk, talk and breathe but the way I think has definitely been experiencing a new bent. Is it because of the gloomy market conditions that has resulted into insecurity and persistent fear in the minds of the people? May be not or may be upto a certain extent; No! - In fact, to a great extent, I believe or probably not or possibly yes! Well well well - that's how things are turning out these days - so unpredictable and confusing. So am I!

Is this an onset of another boom or a continued everlasting doom? Things were just fine until last year, an year - probably now seems to be a long time. Long time especially when I see things changing course every month, every day, every moment. Organizations shutting down their doors, cost cuts, hiring freeze, layoffs! Yes it's a doom, just read from the other side and you'll realize how it is linked to your mood. All I see these days are the fearful faces around, sitting beside me, drowned into the thoughts of future; worried, pondering, depressed. My friend was fired from his job, he's broke, desperately attending interviews, spending all day long in queues. That makes me worried, he is my friend, an old friend, it is him but what makes me worried is that it could be me, if not today, may be... Wish I could help him. By the way, why should I think about the rest, when I am equally depressed. Yes I feel I am!

I feel sleepy as my eyelids shut for a while.

Then I am lost in my thoughts, think of my dreams, think of all that I have, have achieved so far. I re-assess my strengths, think of the tough situations I had dealt with. Things were never easy yet they were done - in fact, well done. I still have a dream that I see beyond all gloom - its just that it is way beyond them and I need to overcome a few things to get it - the fear. I had realized such dreams yesterday then why do I need to fear them today? Things are still the same - definitely and they would be the same the day after. Things might get wrong because there is always a good chance - its not because they are meant to go wrong. The fact is that they can always go right and the only chance to have it done that way merely rests upon me.

I see no point in ruining my morrow over the unpredictablities of tomorrow.

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