Bachelor yet not single

By Neeraj Shinde
Bangalore, India

Fifteen minutes past Eight in the evening and we still had some forty five minutes for our train. Our wait began as we sat on the bench on the railway platform. There were a few people around waiting for the next train and we felt lucky enough to catch hold of an empty seat. The memories of the day were enchanting us. Probably, this would have been the best day of my life.

We left a sigh of relief as this soothed our weary legs. It wasn't that unusual to expect a mild rush in a local train heading towards Mumbai on a lovely Saturday evening at this part of the time. But what really haunted me was that if the train was gonna arrive in time. The toughest part would have been if this one gets cancelled. And we really had no clues of when the next train was about to arrive.

The crowd on the railway platform gradually started increasing as the minute hand of my watch headed towards twelve. I looked at her anxiously as she gave me a soothing smile. It was exhilarating to see her smiling after a scary, long walk in the midst of the dark night on the lonely streets that headed us towards the railway station. I was feeling the warmth of the faith she was bestowing in me. Apparently, she held my hand and her eyes did all the talking.

The train arrived in time and we squeezed ourselves into one of the general compartments. It was sparingly crowded but we managed to get a window seat - something for which the whole of the city longs for for most part of the week. Nevermind, thats a matter of luck. We were surrounded by a few stares from the male crowd as she peacefully rested her head on my right shoulder. This being a general compartment, it was mostly populated by male commuters with hardly a couple of females seated next to us.

I looked outside the window and it gave me a mysterious view of the night. It was pitch dark with some far off lights glittering like small yet precious diamonds. I moved my eyes towards her, she was sleeping peacefully. Her face still had a sparkling smile - smile that was filled with trust and love. Hardly bothered of the worldly issues and worries. She knew she was resting on a shoulder that is strong enough to support her, protect her and care - for the rest of her life! That's the beginning of a new relationship!


  1. This is a masterpiece and neeraj you know it.

    One cannot write such words regularly...they are special and … not only because they are written for love, but also with love.

    How beautiful you have expressed that moment.

    Certainly you have lived that moment completely and through this write up you have shared its sweetness with us.

    Love: The very word, which what brings the true meaning of a man's pride.

    You are lucky to realize and feel it.

    Good luck.

  2. Thanks Chandan! Who else can understand this better! :)

  3. Hey Neeraj,

    Must say an honest expression of love..