You could never be old father!

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By Neeraj Shinde

I can’t work anymore! I want to sit home with you all and relax. I can’t carry all that anymore.”

Such words from Dad make me realize his entrance in Geezerhood. And, all of a sudden a bold, strong Dad becomes so weak, so timid. This is the time he feels he needs a break. This is followed by a reduction in confidence level and that’s a major reason of heartache in most of the seniors. I know great many people who dislike gray hairs mostly because of their pessimistic approach towards life. Reduction of confidence levels could be due to several factors apart from health fronts. It could be due to some unachieved feats or some things not confessed. Certainly, there is a feeling of dissatisfaction not due to loss of a long owned power but due to certain things not occurred or occurred and a few tasks yet unaccomplished. Nonetheless, there is no end to what one can do but life seems to be too short when one decides to do something great. Consequently, a feeling of failure starts haunting him.

“Are you crazy Dad? Don’t be a nerd. You are not old yet!” I say but Dad seems so reluctant to accept it.

Old age is mostly psychological rather than physical. When a father finds his sons taller than him, certainly makes him feel older. He starts feeling tired, weary for what he has done till date and wants to pass on his responsibilities. He feels the power of his arms within his sons and himself powerless as if he was never strong. No matter he is a great man for all the things he has done so far. This! Definitely is a time he has to be rewarded for all his efforts, for all the pains he took! Its time for him to feel his achievements and feel the bliss for which to achieve he has toiled till now. He is the one who taught me how to differentiate between the good and the bad, to fight against the unfair, to respect the great and to suppress the false. The lessons of ethics and the postulates of truth that you taught me are so strong to sustain me that I need not bother of my deviation from them for the rest of my life. Today, your body looks old but never would be your mind. You can still continue inspiring people and transform them into great humans, sculpt numerous of Neeraj, your words do have the same impact even today, and you rock even today!

You could never be old father!

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