It's a dog's life!

By Neeraj Shinde

We humans always look down at these quadrupeds often by commenting “It’s a dog’s life” and “a dog’s death”. Known for their faithfulness these creatures are free from all the social forces and the so called shame. Certainly I cannot look down to them when I think of sex!

I woke up today morning and stood at the window pane glaring at the things on the other end. Another pleasant day with lots of things to do. The birds were chirping as usual, the city buses were busy again, people rushing towards there offices, children toddling towards their schools and the wind continued to scare little butterflies. Just the very next moment my eyes struck up with this couple deeply engaged in sex. But my center of interest was not in their act but to the reactions of the passer-bys. Of course I was concerned about the two as well. She looked younger than him with a well toned feminine figure enough to arouse any of the males of her species. And this lucky chap seemed so lucky to have her.

Just then passed a bike, a lad with his two little chicks on the rear seat. Interestingly, the man saw this couple in the intimate act and drove his bike with a 60 speed from 20 in not more than 3 seconds! It was a crowded street and people kept on moving steadily. There were even some of them who didn’t even bother what was going on. On the contrary some were so much bothered about them that they stopped and stared. A few smiled, a few frowned while a few pretended to be ignorant about it. But my hero here was not concerned of the world and neither was the heroine! So free, unrestricted, no bounds at all. They didn’t know what they were doing but they wanted to do it. Many a times, it seemed that this couple would be disturbed by the passing buses and trucks. But this morning they were in their high spirits and trying to convey the world that we don’t care a damn for you. And that’s what I call playful! Playful sex.

Can humans ever be so free! And that was the very next thought that tickled my mind. It’s not just about sex but do we enjoy the freedom as animals do? We love to be free but like to be within our bounds. We like to enjoy the beautiful things in life but we need to abide with all those limits. Just that we are humans! Civilized!

“The geyser’s on Neeraj!”
I heard my roommate screaming from within and discovered that I was getting late for work. I wished to see the climax just with the same anxiety as I would've when I watch the climax of a good movie. And how can I miss the climax! And that was the end of a great play – sex that was so free, so playful. Wonder if humans could do the same with such an ease and freedom. The ultimate answer I find is ‘No’ just when I recall the face of my nerdy neighbour who has four daughters and still desirous of a baby-boy!


  1. Thoughtful...commentable....arouising
    Mature essay about...wait....DOG SEX!!

    anyway...thanks for not putting some snaps along....ha ha just kidding...

    But i've talk on similar lines with Mandy and Antu...they can share their views....

  2. Well u wont have to wait till yogesh gets in touch with me about this,here i shoot.
    Civilized is the word that makes up apart from ur hero and heroine doing thier act in the open.
    This comment does not mean that i am not getting ur point, but if we were to do the same why the heck did we evolve. we could still live in caves and hunt and gather and mate just for the sake of it.Just a lil trivia, there are only humans and dolphins who have sex for pleasure and not for the sake of bearing offsprings.I totally support ur thot about being free and having ur freedom to do thigns.but dont we all have it, its only a matter of perspective my friend.U can still do what u want and not bother about what others will say.its difficult to get my point across, but i hope u get the gist.

    Freedom is not about what u can do but what u want to do.

    Rock on dude. yogesh grow up buddy, lol. well i liked his comment.