I want to wear that smile!

By Neeraj Shinde

It was a very bad day for me. There are several instances when we do not know why things just happen. And simply wonder why don’t they happen our way. It was a lovely Friday evening and I was moving or rather wandering in the blues. After that weary week, it was again a time for another weekend. Usually I go home on weekends, cos’ that’s the only way I find out to quell my boredom. Moreover I prefer to spend maximum time with my family. It’s Friday when I am the happiest. But happiness has a relatively shorter life just for a natural reason that you cannot be happy all the time. And that could be the reason why every attempt of mine proved futile to excite me.

I was now walking on the street, towards home. To say, along with a crowd. To say, I am not alone. I am a part of the crowd; Of course not alone! I was along with so many people, whom I don’t know. They don’t know me either. But they make me feel I’m not alone. Then I remember my work, my cubicle, the people around and their faces. They are all smiling, appearing to be pleased and to please in my memories. May be even they would recall me in the same fashion. Then, I smile to myself presuming I smiled back to them. Yeah I smiled. Did I? Or my lips stretched! Probably, that was not a smile. It was just a response, a compelled reaction! I am a professional and how can I forget that. And my job is to please others and make people around me smile or rather happy.

I continued walking in the blues with no feelings of ecstasy for the weekend. Aimless! Just to see a tiny kid sitting in his father’s arms ahead of me. So comfy! I noticed his sparkling smile and was surprised to see his hand touching his side head, to salute me. I kept looking and soon started staring. Why was he doing this to me? I was clueless but the gesture of this tiny angel simply moved me. With no second thoughts, I responded him back with a salute and a huge smile. The child seemed very happy now! Happier than before. Neither did I know why he did that to me, nor I know why I did that to him. I do not want to understand the meaning behind the gesture but all that happened was just beautiful. Beauty doesn’t need explanation, Does it?
It’s all because some things cannot be explained, they simply happen!

Our roads diverged and soon I reached home with a new vigor and energy for the weekend.


  1. hi there,
    First of all congrats on this yo! look for ur blog.. i m bloggin after real long.
    Well I agree 101% with your views on professionalism and pleasing others. We often continue on our trail without really thinking of the means or the end...I though I am the only victim, dunno if I am pleased that I am not alone or sad that there are many of us in this ?state.

  2. good one, Neeraj
    keep the good things going on...

    Have you watched the movie "Office Space". It's theme is similar to such situations.

  3. its nice,
    it's very real and origina, it happens with everybody in day to day life
    keep smiling!

  4. Thanks so much for ur encouraging comments on TNMG...Neeraj!
    Urs is a pretty good blog too!
    I copied a few gadgets 4rm here. :P
    Keep up the good work,