Good Bye Mangalore

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A picture taken at the Panambur beach, Mangalore
And now I have started expecting the unexpected. I really don't know how to react to this. But it is quite sure I am leaving Mangalore on Tuesday. Next I am moving to Pune, yeah I am moving towards the ones I need :) Seems like the moon god has responded my plea in the last post. I am happy just because I would now drive to mumbai on the weekends.

Things are happening so dynamically in my life, I'm really confused of how to react to situations. But anyways, Pune would be a different experience altogether. Back to busy city life again. I'm on cloud nine!

But, it is difficult to erase the memories of Mangalore. It is such a beautiful place, the sanctity of nature and the peacefulness of life is what I would be missing. But since I am just on a short term transfer to Pune, I am not sure that weather or not I would land on the beaches of Mangalore again. But I would always like to come back here again and experience the serene and calm life of Mangalore again. I have received mixed expressions from the people about this place just because it is not as happening as any other city but a nature freak like me would always like such a place. The beaches here have no comparison; and now I feel the beaches of mumbai so paltry. I really wish the cleanliness and purity of the beaches last till eternity.

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  1. Your description of M'lore has really made me inquisitive abt the place.i wld like to visit it sometime.

    Ur snap is very cute :)