The Ones I Need

After the day’s work I go to bed. Think of all that has happened, all that is yet to happen, of all the people I know so far, of all the people who are today far off, of all the things that belong to me, of all the moments I enjoyed and wish if they could come back again, of all the dreams I behold in my eyes, of all the things that happened I never dreamt of and of all the things that really matter when I am alone. It is late in the night and its time I need to revive myself to face the challenges that are awaiting me tomorrow. Just as mysterious as the darkness prevailing in my room. I have lots of things to see, lot many of battles to be won. I see the moon behind the palm tree outside my window and slowly start closing my eyes. But the moonlight falls directly on my face. I then open my eyes and start staring at the moon. He seems so royal, so beautiful, and so happy.

I feel so lonely here, Neeraj!” he talks to me. I give him a smile. Never expecting such a beautiful thing to say this. Now I start looking at him fondly.

Why do you think so, buddy?” I ask him “You are the ruler of the sky at night. The sky is yours, the stars are yours. You can’t be lonely!”

I get up from my bed now. And go to the balcony. From there I could get a majestic view of the night. A faint fragrance of the moist soil enchants me. Every thing is so still. No leaf has even a slightest move. Seems like time has paused for this conversation.

“No!” the moon speaks in a soft voice. “It’s very lonely here at the top. The sky is so big and I am very far off from my stars. There are so many strangers around me but the ones I love, the ones I need are really far off. I am unhappy, I am so lonely!”

I come back to my bed. Unhappier than before. I start seeing the moon again. But this time he seems so unhappy, so paltry! I close my eyes and start thinking. Now I think of me. Only me! How lonely I am on this planet. There are lots of people around me. Strangers! Or the so called friends. But the ones I love, the ones I need are so far off.


  1. This is some serious philospohical stuff neeraj...

    good writing ...does it reflect your feelings when you are away from your family, friends?

    well atleast when we look at the moon we know he is always there giving us light....

    Nice writing?

  2. Yeah! May be I tend towards philosophy when I feel too lonely :)

    But now, since i am moving to Pune things would be far more better.
    I am very happy!