Yet another attempt!

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After so many futile attempts of mine to understand a woman's mind I am currently exploring the New York Times best seller by Dr. John Gray - Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. The book concentrates on the key aspects where the thoughts between men and women differ. The behaviour of both the sexes and the way they react to situations is as if they belong to two different planets. If men could understand the women's mind and vice versa then both could enjoy better life consisting of an everlasting love.

Sounds quite logical but I really don't know how far this could be practical. With all the females I have came across, I have experienced a huge differences in their opinions and the way of thinking. There is hardly any similarity I could relate among them. Nevertheless, many of the things here relate to the general features a woman most of which I have come across in my life. So it's not necessary that the things mentioned by Dr. Gray would exactly be that of your special one. You can give it a go but I am still adamant on the fact that women are impossible.

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