India Shining?

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BJP, as I thought was the sole political party that possessed the potential to abolish the reign of the glorious hereditary peers of the Gandhis in Indian politics. But to my dismay, the party suffered a great failure. Enforcement of unpopular policies and laws like spending crores on advertising campaigns, support for the Hinduist ideology despite the fact that Indian constitution favours secularism which are quite blatantly against the will of the people are some of the leading causes for its failure.

I really do not understand the need to devote a fat sum in advertising campaigns conveying the splendid days their government have accomplished in their reign which is in total controversy to the present India. The BJP government sang songs of prosperous and wealthy farmers riding in his own vehicle and that of youngsters rushing to school whilst half of the nation is still striving hard to fetch their daily bread and butter, farmers are still commiting sucides due to lack of capital and innumerable kids still devoid of primary education. Thats ridiculous! The masses felt good or not is a mystery but the government was quite successful to hide their impotency and inefficiency but which was shortlived.

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