Nicholas Berg - The Beheading

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He is an American Civilian who got his head chopped off as a revenge for american abuse to Iraqi prisoners. There were hardly any tv news channels and news web-sites that didn't carry this news. The clandestine came to light when one of the terrorist group posted this barbarous movie clip on its web-site. This was followed by tons of moaning messages and reactions.

A few days passed and columns in newspapers flashed with the headlines Nicholas Berg is alive. Heck! The articles depicted that the beheading video was a fake one. It's a story and we have free press and all that and they have a good case for publishing the story in the first place. I would never agree with it. If it was a political stunt, then it is a big shame!

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  1. This goes to show how powerful and often misused media is.....

    Used to spread rumors, panic..and what not....