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Tuesday, 1 JULY, 2003

Mumbaikar - I am literally confused of what this word means! Does it refer to all those who live in Mumbai city or to those who call themselves the sons of the soil. Well, this was never regarded as an issue until past few years. The city has experienced several changes in the past few decades and today the situation is such that it can be regarded as the financial capital of the country. The glory of this city has made its every citizen proud and probably it is a common human tendency to try to own every thing that is glorious. This is what is happening to this city.

Today, Mumbai is a dwelling place for people from all over the states in India. The city has provided shelter for all kinds of citizens and despite its ever growing population it never makes any of the dwellers (even the poorest of the poor) sleep empty stomach. Doesn't all this remind you of your mother? Analogously, Mumbai nurtures its every child in a similar fashion as your mother brought you up. The city never discriminated anyone.

When we at home fight with our brothers and sisters, the fight remains a dispute within the four walls but when we do so in the public, this dispute becomes an issue and fights transform into riots.

It is the duty of every citizen of Mumbai to safeguard the interest not only of himself but also of his fellow-citizens. Now, who is Mumbaikar? Obviously, a person who strives for the betterment of his city. Just try to think of it! How many of us bother when we throw rubbish on streets or when we just spit around the public places! Many of us don't even try to extend our hand when we try to throw the garbage in the dust-bins. We just play the stereos in our homes when the students next doors are preparing for their examinations. How far all this sound good? Preserving something is far more difficult than owning it and that is the moral to be noted.

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  1. Hi Neeraj,

    Cheers to the true Mumbai Spirit!

    I agree with your definition of Mumbaikar. I hail from Kerala...God's own country, but was born here and have spent 22 years of my life in Maharashtra and feel blessed to be a part of this happening city.

    I love Mumbai for the variety it offers and the equality it provides to all. Be it the "gardi" in the local trains or the yummy Vada Pav, one begins to get addicted to both.

    As a true Mumbaikar let each one of us begin to begin with the idea of making Mumbai truly "aamchi Mumbai"