The Baal Dhamaal Experience Made Me A Better Parent

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The Sunday of January 10, 2016 was a big day for me and the school students of the various Government Schools of Pune who participated in the unique event called “Baal Dhamaal” organized by the Indian Sponsorship Committee (ISC). The committee has been arranging this event for several years for now. My participation as volunteer in this event has taught me newer lessons of Humanity and a better sense of Parenting our kids. With nearly 650 kids participating from the age groups ranging from six to fourteen years, the event seemed like a herculean task without the support of the Volunteers who volunteered from several Corporates in Pune viz. Zensar Technologies, AXA, Tech Mahindra and Symbiosis . This was my first activity being a Zensar volunteer and as an active member of our Corporate Social Responsibility team. Undoubtedly, after this day long event I walked away as a different, changed and a very improved person. What a way to start the year!

Zensar has been consistently providing financial and volunteer support to ISC for several years in order to arrange and execute this event. This year we had been looking after the kids of 9 and 11 years of age group. Specifically, I was looking after the 11 years group right since their buses off-boarded them at the venue, the Loyola School Grounds, Pashan. Almost all of these kids hailed from the economical weaker sections of the Society. Their parents toiled hard under the sun as laborers at the brick building workshops. The fact these poor parents managed to send their children to School was a great thing in itself. I was informed that during the past few years, these School kids participated in the Baal Dhamaal event, played games without footwear or shoes. This year, the main sponsor of the event had sponsored Sport Shoes for all the kids which was one of the best gifts a Corporate can donate in the context.

Inaugural Briefing at the Baal Dhamaal 2016
 Getting these kids off from their buses, after a long tiring journey from their respective schools was a very soothing experience. I noticed that most of the kids were not trained enough to tie a proper knot to their Shoe laces. A majority of these kids seemed like they had been wearing Sport Shoes for the very first time in their life. It was a touchy experience. After we welcomed the kids and their Class teachers in the every bus that reported to the ground, we provided them with brief instructions to ensure that they do not step on each others’ shoes. Verifying and tying knots on the shoes of these little ones was another great experience. This kind of volunteering really made us build a chemistry amongst these kids. Such an exhilarating welcome really made the kids harmonious with us - the Zensar Volunteers.

Zensar Volunteers for Baal Dhamaal 2016
After the breakfast and inaugural speech, the kids were really excited to exibit their spirit of Sportsmanship with the games that we had arranged for them. The day continued on the sunny playground and we managed to conclude the toughtest task for the day – finalizing the list of winners. With all the energy these kids brought up on the table, it was a very difficult task to choose only a few winners. But, this is what the spirit of Sportsmanship is all about, isn’t it? The kids had a great learning and their faces were filled with delight which spoke it all.

Drenched in the same color
After the lunch and prize distribution ceremony, it was hard to bid a good bye to these awesome little kids. A few of these kids managed to build up a very special bonding with me and several other volunteers. I am sure they would remember me for a few days as an “Uncle” who served me food, a “Sir” who took us to the toilet and brought us back to the group or as that “someone” who tied up their shoe lace. Whether or not these kids would remember me, I am sure to remember this act of humanity for the rest of my life.

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