Delhi's Street Food | Parathe Wali Gali

The North Indian Food has been an identity of India for ages and nothing can beat the taste of Delhi's street food. Delhi's Parathe Wali Gali viz. Delhi's Paratha Avenue in Chandani Chowk has been serving hungry food loving souls for decades or probably centuries. This place is situated right besides the Gurudwara Sisganj Sahib in Delhi. I traveled explicitly to this place from the New Delhi Railway Station by a local taxi. 

Parathe Wali Gali
A Paratha is essentially made of whole wheat flour and traditionally stuffed with vegetables like Potatoes, Paneer (a milk product), Vegetables viz. Raddish, Methi etc. Apart from the traditional flavors of Parathas, in modern days, there are more than 20 varieties of Parathas available here. The prominent ones being the Kaju (Cashew) Paratha, Chilli Paratha and Papad Paratha. 

The Kaju (Cashew) Paratha
Parathas are traditionally served with sabji (vegetable curry) or curd (yogurt). Other servings accompanied with Parathas may include sweet tamarind chutney, mint chutney, mixed vegetable pickle, paneer and potato curry, potato and fenugreek curry, and a sauteed mash of sweet pumpkin. The curry essentially consists of vegetables such as muttar (green peas), Aaloo (potatoes) and so on. The banana chutney which was served to us added to our amazement. 

Curries Accompanying The Parathas
Kulchas, a type of leavened bread are similar to Parathas but the main ingredient in it being Maida (fine wheat flour). In the state of Punjab it is also known as Amritsari Naan. The Parathe Wali Gali served us a delicious dish of butter filled Kulchas with Boondi Raita (Yogurd Dish) and Curries.

A Kulcha Dish with Boondi Raita, Choley Sabji and Paneer Curry
Although the place is known for Parathas, it was amazing to see several other delicacies served here. The Raj Kachori is something that really caught my attention. The mouth watering huge Kachori looking like the famous Pani Puri (Golgappa) but had a huge diameter. It was stuffed with traditional chat ingredients, curd, sabji, slices of potatoes, sweet sauce etc. 

The Raj Kachori
Rabri was another notable dish I really enjoyed at the Parathe Wali Gali. This dish made from milk is not for the calorie cautious or a weak hearted. Rabri is a famous North Indian sweet dish made with dahi / curd (yogurt), flour, and a combination of bajra floor. Flour of Pearl millet (Bajri) is mixed with buttermilk to make a thick sauce which is kept in the sun to ferment. After about 3 to 4 hours, it is cooked by boiling until the flour is cooked properly.

The Parathe Wali Gali has been well-known for serving old traditional vegetarian food since long. Some of the shops here are as old as a couple of centuries. The owners of these shops are mainly Brahmins by caste and do not use Onion and Garlic in the food they prepare and sell. This may be an added motivation to Jain families who prefer a confined and very picky vegetarian food. 


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