Indians Are Coming Hard

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By Neeraj Shinde
Pune, India

With the United States President Barack Obama emphasising on the need for the Americans to concentrate more on a quality education system and a more career-focused lifestyle, it is quite evident that things have started getting hard upon the kids of the rich dads. A straight remark over their Indian and Chinese counterparts and over the need for american kids to put in more efforts only states an increasing levels of competition in the near future. Given that the economic crisis continuing its affect on the job scenario, organizations have already adopted new strategies which include reduction in operating costs and resource optimizations. Talent is sought as always but preferances for a cheaper talent are on a rise due to this strategy. I condemn the recent attacks over the Indian students in most part of the world that is gaining increasing attention of the media. It is a mere outrage of the regionalistic ideology unlike what is shown on the televisions and other media reports. Racism has got nothing to do with the student attacks. All I believe is that it is just another side-effect of the ongoing recession.

An average Indian kid grows with a due attention from his parents and the dream to excel is bestowed within him naturally. I am an Indian and I do remember the way I was brought up by my parents. The love towards mathematics and science was a obvious result of profound dreaming and sometimes threat of being left behind. The passion towards studies and desire to excel is a natural result of parental attention. That has been a story of an average Indian kid since long. Apparently, an average american kid is born with a silver spoon in his mouth and grows up watching television and playing video games. On the other hand their Indian counterparts still keep dreaming of buying such technological gizmos and work harder towards getting those accomplished. They spend more time in classrooms and parents are more bothered about their kid's performances. America had consistently been the richest country for more than a hundred years which is primarily because they have had a strong education system. This has given rise to technological advances and a kind of lifestyle for an average US citizen that was never before so full of ease. There is a constant desire to improvize every thing being done no matter how small. The results are apparent and the products hence built are innovative. Is this really affecting the american kids! If it is then this is a high time for americans to take corrective action cos' Indians and other Asians are coming and they are coming hard. It is evident that most prosperous countries are the most recession-hit ones whereas the slowdown of this kind is certainly a stream of opportunities for all those nations who have been settled for mediocrity for ages.

No matter how tall a nation grows and how prosperous your lifestyle becomes, talent remains the driving force behind all. Despite unbeatable technological advances, the smartest of the smart systems fail to perform. India is a pool of talent and there has been a significant numbers of brain drains in the recent times. The reason why India is still a developing nation lies in the fact that a majority of its topmost talent works for the advancement of the so called developed countries. America still remains the major importer of Asian brains and a sizable outsourcer of its work. Importantly, Indians have been handling important parts of their businesses for many years. A good business does not discriminate among talents. All it does is respect the best of them irrespective of the nationality and the color of the skin. India will continue producing some best brains in the world and would form the basis for building a smarter planet. Every kid is born to excel but the only thing that make our kids different than those in the US or Australia is that we are born with a desire to excel by need. They are well aware of the deficiencies of not having something unlike the rich ones for whom prosperity comes obvious with life. We are not stealing anyone's job it is just that we are sincere enough towards our dreams and goals. Try not beating us physically but try beating our talent.

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  1. "..our kids different than those in the US or Australia is that we are born with a desire to excel by need..".

    Wel said. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. The need to find a better life, to do a shade better than their previous generation, to dream of a better tomorrow has propelled very many of us to foray into areas we have not before. That's how we will do better. A better individual adds to a better locality ; a better locality ensure a better city ; a bunch of better cities a better nation. We'll get there... hum honge kaamyaab ek din :-)