Random Faces on Pune Roads

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A Busy Chaotic Road in Pune
I have been coming across a variety of stupids around here in Yerawada - one of the core places in the city of Pune. The place is historic and it is famous. The reasons being two fold - the Mental Hospital and other being of course, the Prison. Sometimes, it often makes me feel embarrased to say that I stay in Yerawada, not for any specific reason but this is usually followed by suspicious stares that clearly ask the same question. Well, jokes apart this has been a good adventurous place for me till date. I am always fond of new places and interestingly when it makes me feel different than the places I have already stayed before. It won't make one feel uncommon to know that within a particular culture or place the people are friendly and helpful. But certainly it would make you feel kinda awkward if I say that people around the place I stay are real Crazy. People from all walks of life can be found here. This doesn't necessarily be a generic comment that would be applicable to all the residents of the place but certainly, I cannot deny the fact that I am still hunting down the person here with gestures of sanity. I am sure my hunt would end up with a no-conclusion if I bother to search such a person among the local auto-drivers.

Nevertheless, this story isn't about any of these species. Often, something won't compell you to scribble a story in your blog unless it gathers your good deal of attention, makes a mark in your mind for at least a day long or something that couldn't have stopped giving you a good laugh. But something, as I believed, as paltry as asking locations to a random person on the street definitely wouldn't have found a space here until yesterday.

Though my wife might not agree to this but I am scared most of the times when I drive across the mighty Prison-wall on the Airport road of Yerawada - More appropriately on the road between the psychiatric hospital and the prison. Now this is where you get to see some real adventurous species loitering by the streets. This is where I find it wise to speed up and sneak away within no time. Certainly, it is not wise to guess how a person's brain works by mere glaring at his face. Looks might be deceptive but you are left with no option when you are looking out for pointers to find out the given location, the premises, the building and the appartment.

"Boss, where can I find Mittal Society?", I asked an aged man, probably in his late fifties or early sixties as I took another chance to spot a random person on the streets of Pratik Nagar in Yerawada yesterday.
It was a lovely Sunday evening and here I was looking for directions with my wife. The man was neatly dressed in a clean, neatly pressed blue shirt and a gray trouser. Bald from the top but had fine hair on his rear-head and the sideways. He walked in his own thoughts staring at the street pebbles as they came across his way.

He gave me a bizzare look while holding his left hand on his mouth.

"You are already in Mittal society. This is it", he spoke as I noticed a couple of frowns gathering on his old forehead.

"Where you want to go?", he asked enthusiastically.

"I am looking for building no. 38", I said asking for help.

He seemed to be lost in his world of thoughts again as we waited for my question to be answered. We waited and waited some more. And then a bit more as we saw him struggling harder and harder with every moment that passed by.

"Do you know it?", I asked hastily as I realized that we were loosing time as we waited him to answer.

"No, I don't know the building but I want to help you out", he replied.

"If you don't know the place how can you help?", I asked as I realized that I was wasting our time before him.

"If you could just park your vehicle by the street, we can sit down and discuss. I will help you try to figure out the place. Does that sound sensible to you?", he asked as we came across his awesomely hospitable gesture to help us out.

He looked at us both and stood upright firmly demanding an answer. I looked at my wife who by this time had already burst into laughter and that couldn't even stop me either. This was not something what I would have liked to do especially at someone who was offering us help keeping aside his own work. I do respect gray hairs but sometimes it is difficult to find out what they are expecting from us. Probably, they are looking out for a mere company to spend time with or searching out a testee in order to figure out how they are recuperating their mental damages - you would never know!

"Thats a good idea but I am in a hurry!", I replied as I pulled up the gear still on with the laughter.

Random people on the street have always captured my interest. The over-friendly kinds have always been my favourites but at times the same can turn out to be your cause of frustration esp. in case if you are running short of time. But the fact is that they want to help you at any cost. Some find it a matter of great honour to offer directions - they treat it as their privilege. A few believe it as a failure in case they are not able to offer you the help. On the contrary, things might get worse if you encounter the egoistic kinds. They might find it insulting if you ask them for directions and sometimes would not hesitate to offer you some unwanted advices. No matter whomever you catch hold of for help, beware of the misleading kinds - cos' these are usually the most confident ones.

One of the talkative kinds who offered us help on the roads of Cochin and to whom my chauffeur asked directions was the ultimate one. A memorable one because he was the longest one so far and spoke repetitively for around twenty minutes. Needless to say, he turned out to be one of the misleading kinds.

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