preparing for Mangalore

Surprised! yeah even i was surprised when I was told about
my relocation being changed from Bangalore to Mangalore.
Anyways, its my last day here at Hyderabad. I have secured
77%(B+) grade in the comprehensive test. I am supposed
to report to Mangalore on Monday where I would be told about
my new project in Oracle Applications.

I would miss the life of Hyderabad..the people here..have
become so integral part of my life...difficult to forget these
moments...the moment of joys, hard work and pain. Everything was so
good. Its been over two and a half months I am here but every
moment seems so fresh even today. People like Chetan Anand
have created an everlasting print in my memory. The batch-mates,
the people in the food court, my gym-mates, all the people I know and
even the people I don't know were a bliss! All this has made Hyderabad
a better place. All in all the Infy Hyderabad DC has a very healthy
working atmosphere. I would miss it a lot!

Its raining heavily since morning as if the entire city is weeping.
Everything seems so sad..sad cos' we are leaving. But still
we have to keep smiling. Sometimes,
I feel its the toughest job to keep smiling with a frown on your
forehead! And thats what I am experiencing at this moment.
But we have to go on... go on smiling...spreading the cheer...
keep on rocking...thats life!

Some moments difficult to forget...


  1. Change is the only permanent thing in Life...
    Enjoy Mangalore!!
    btw nice T-shirt

  2. Very true Yogesh!
    And I tried that T-Shirt just for a change ;)

  3. ha ha...Always trying to be punny
    hows PG