COMPRE - Working hard!

Its 2 am, a cool and clumsy saturday dawn and I'm still toiling in my cubicle trying to break my head on the Oracle forms and the reports and the interfaces and the workflow and the list goes on and on. All for the sake of the comprehensive test scheduled next week tuesday! Thanks to Naoki Seki and Shyam Suryavanshi who are giving me a company in my next cubicles.

Then what am I doing here in my blog? Well one of my friends and my regular reader Subodh complained me that I am blogged out. I accept his comment cos' I admit that I have become more busy now-a-days. The Infy training is so tough, so long yet so good. The schedule is getting more and more compact day by day. But blogging remains my best passtime and I always have time for it.

Wish to write more stuff but I have started feeling the weight on my eyelids. Sleep has started surrounding me. Its the right time to move to the dormitary.... Uhhh$$ aa

See you later dudes!


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  3. Neeraj maan

    You are doing night-outs. Congratulations.
    Anyway nice that u are not blogged out like i was in SEP.

    coming home for diwali..Shubha and I are hatching some plan..Get in touch with her

    Bye and go to sleep

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