The Everlasting Impression of the Elephant Show in Pattaya, Thailand

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The Elephant Show at Pattaya, Thailand: Beauty and the Beast
The elephant show at the Noong Nooch Village was a spectacular experience while at Pattaya. Our rendezvous with these mighty creatures at this show really made us believe that elephants are not any less brainy and skillful than human beings. The show started with a bang as a trail of elephants walked in the arena all arranged in a systematic queue arranged by ascending order of their sizes. It was such a great fun to watch how their sizes went up from the baby elephant to the mightiest one. Each of the elephant was holding the tail of his predecessor by his truck. That was a warm welcome to the huge crowd which had gathered to enjoy this beautiful show.

It is quite common to watch elephants in circuses performing usual but marvelous skills like throwing a ball, batting, riding a bicycle and bowing down at the crowd. These elephants were pretty much acquainted with these usual skills. What really caught my attention was that some of these elephants were real state of the art Painters. They were so skillful in gently holding the paint brushes in their trunks and placing them artistically on the paper. The paintings were truly remarkable. Such paintings would otherwise be difficult for most of the men and women around. These brainy elephants managed to complete the painting the T-shirts with oil paint so efficiently that the owners of the show we easily able to make some money out of these elephant-painted T-shirts. The was a corner beside the show arena where they sold these T-shirts at premium rates.
A Warm Welcome by the Elephants
Another thrilling part of the show was asking the volunteers amongst the crowd to lay on the ground and few of these elephants enacting to crush them up. Well, this really does not sound funny but this rather blew up my mind. Interestingly, there were few crazy volunteers who came forward and bravely laid down with full faith and confidence on these super mighty animals. It was real scary to watch them walking over the human volunteers, intermittently holding their one leg up over the chest of the volunteer. These elephants were smart enough to play the game, ensuring none of their guests get injured, rather getting killed.

This show left an everlasting impression on my mind about this species of mammals. Elephants indeed are thoughtful animals. Lord Ganesha is hence idolized not only in India but also across Thailand and other parts of Asia and the world. The elephant god stands as an epitome of wisdom and knowledge.  

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