On The Road Towards The Aru Valley, Kashmir

Imagine when a Mom asks her little child to close his eyes and think of a fantasy world where nature flaunts it’s best imaginable view to you. Walking down the meadows of the Aru Valley at Jammu and Kashmir was exactly such an experience in this real world. A Vision as clear as a block of crystal, you could almost see everything in high definition almost until the horizon. The decision of visiting the Aru Valley was one of the best decisions we have made during our trip to Pahalgam last year.

A Moment of Joy At The Aru Valley
We started off early in the morning after a remarkable visit to the Betaab Valley and Chandanwadi which took around 4 hours for us. We had almost entire day to spend at Pahalgam. Hence, Instead of spending time at the hotel, we decided to head up to the Aru Valley. Every single inch of the distance we travelled to reach the Aru valley was photogenic and the landscapes that passed by almost took our breath away every single moment. The snowcapped mountains and the cool breeze was enchanting our minds and soul. Certainly, it is not an usual experience in India to see clear river waters flowing through the mountains beside the roads you are travelling on.

On our way towards the valley, we came across a wild life sanctuary and a short glimpse of the spotted deer gave us an opportunity to click our cameras. I wished that we could halt at every single meter of distance to capture the gorgeous beauty of the mother nature of Kashmir! The hilly roads were quite twisted and curved; quite enough to induce motion sickness for few of us. But, the scenic beauty itself was quite enough for us to forget every inconvenience that could have caused for us to reach the Aru Valley.

The Beautiful View Of The Aru Valley
Ponies waiting for tourists and local kids and men playing cricket amidst the beautiful mountains was a typical experience of the Aru Valley. I feel too powerless a writer devoid of words to describe the ultimate view I had after reaching there. Heaven on Earth, as someone has aptly tried to express this feeling is what I could like to second.


  1. Lovely pics. Thanks for sharing. Aru Valley is a small yet self-sufficient scenic village located 12 km from Pahalgam. The drive up to the village is alluring too. The location of the village among the grasslands, make this place a tourist delight. Check out more about Aru Valley.

  2. Thank you so much Dimpy! Indeed this place is a tourist delight!

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