Anatomy Of The Morning Phenomena

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Travelling between the time zones is by far the best experience an international traveler can get. It is quite easy for a curious traveler like me to get boggled with the several amazing natural phenomena one could happen to experience during your journey between two far away places on the planet earth. We often have been listening since our childhood days about the shape and size of earth, the sun being a stationary in space and the moon being a satellite of the earth which keeps on orbiting around the earth.
That Amazing Moment When Night Transforms into a Day
A Day Far far Away
While many of the travelers are struggling to grab a power nap to battle their jetlags, how many of us really bother to open the airplane window and bother to observe the beautiful experiences out there in the sky wide open? Probably, quite a few of us. I often get amazed by the fact as to how different places on earth observe day and night at the same time.
There are often times when I have been stupidly calling my friends and family members to verify if there is really a daylight out there in India while I am located far off from home. How could some place of earth observe such a hot, sunny afternoon when at the same time some other place on the same planet experiences a pitch dark black night which seems like it never observed a day before. I know we take facts for granted and I know that the earth is like a big ball and the sun is like a big electric bulb in dark space. But, observing this happening in it’s live environment is an amazing experience, all thanks to the technology of the recent times.
Amazing experience observing the night transforming into a day
From the surface of the earth, it is quite an experience observing the dark night sky gradually turning lighter and lighter until it turns into a sky with broad daylight. And we have been observing this phenomenon since we were a child - the earth rotates around it’s own axis causing day and night. Nights turning into days and days turning into nights is quite a daily experience but have you wondered how it would feel like observing both the day and the night at the same time. Yes, it is this exact moment when your airplane reached to a point travelling through a dark night and you are able to see the first ray of light at the horizons while you realize you are still in the dark.
An Airplane Piercing Into A Day
Gradually, as you move forward, this ray of light becomes brighter and brighter transforming almost everything around you into a beautiful aura of colors. That is what we call a beautiful morning. Experiencing this from a 30,000 feet above the surface is quite an experience.

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