5 Awesomest Things To Do In Mauritius

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I always wanted to share my travel experiences on my recent couple of visits to Mauritius, a marvelous luxury holiday beach destination in Africa. Mauritius is an island just to the east of Madagascar. The capital city of Mauritius is Port Louis which is a commercial hub of the country. During my visit to the country, I stayed in Port Louis and was able to explore the characteristics of the city and the country culture in a broader sense.

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A majority of the local population of Mauritius are North Indians who are descendants of the Bihari population that was smuggled as slaves by the Britishers during their rule over India. The local language of the country is Creole but French and Hindi are also widely spoken all across the country. The local language Creole is also spoken in other African countries viz. Rodrigues and Seychelles. It was an amazing experience for me to see Hindi speaking population speaking good French in large numbers.

Although Mauritius is a country filled with friendly local people, it is rather unsafe to roam at evenings esp. at the crowded city like Port Louis which is also a hub for several drug addicts. This post of mine is not really to scare you but rather to tell you about the 5 awesomest things to do here - something I experienced the most.

1. Visit the Ganga Talaab: Unlike a majority of the religious places in Indian cities and villages, where godliness is searched within poorly maintained and filthy temples, the Ganga Talaab in Mauritius was a rejuvenating experience. The cold and blissful climate at this lake was one of the best I have experienced at any of the Hindu religious places so far. The cleanliness maintained at the lake was quite intriguing. Right at the entrance of the temple area, I came across a huge Lord Shiva statue that stood straight up and was a center of attraction for the Devotees visiting the place. Apparently, there were many tourists visiting the place rather than the Devotees. During the festival of Mahashivratri, several Hindu Devotees turn up to Ganga Talaab to offer prayers to Lord Shiva.

The Serene Ganga Talaab

2. Basking in the Sun at the Beach: Mauritius is an island country and it's coral beaches are one of the best in the World. I spent an entire weekend having a drive along the Mauritian coast. Two days are more than enough to cover the entire circumference of the country and cover all of the beaches. Almost all of the beaches were as clean as the beautiful blue skies seen above. Most of the beaches I came across seemed as if no mankind had ever adulterated the sanctity of them. Blue skies, Blue waters and Lush Green mangroves were the only two colors I saw during this weekend. I had a good time collecting some of the coral deposits, shells and pebbles to carry way back home on these beaches. I also bought a big conch for 250 Mauritian Rupees as a memory of these blissful beaches.

The Mauritian Blue

3. Try Street Food at Port Louis: When I talk about street food at Mauritius, I mean try out the awesome Dholl Puri which is the most popular snack across the entire country. Mauritius is deeply inspired from the Indian culture. Most of the dishes here are also having Indian flavors in it and Dholl Puri is one amongst them. Essentially, the Puri is made up of maida (fine wheat floor) and Dholl is a mixture of beans, few other spices and fish or chicken curries that boil up into an awesome taste. A western equivalent to this local dish is a frankie but Dholl Puri has it's own identity and taste. There are other street foods available that are mainly bakery products which can be tried out. However, hygiene is a concern if you try out something at local food joints so better be precautions of what you choose to eat. Port Louis is quite busy city and there are also quite a few good restaurants which offer good Indian, Chinese and Mauritian food options. It was in Mauritius where I tried out a squid snack dish for the very first time in my Life. An average meal for two will cost around 500 Mauritian Rupees.
Fish for Sale at a Mall in Mauritius
A Typical Street at Port Louis, Mauritius
4. Spend a Romantic Evening at the Le Caudan Waterfront: The Waterfront Mall is a must visit when you are at Port Louis. This mall is surrounded by the sea from one side which gives an illusion that the entire place is floating on the water. This is a perfect place to spend romantic evenings. The only not so good thing about Mauritian shops I found is that everything closes down at 5 PM. But there are pubs, bars and casinos that will keep you entertained if you are really a night creature. The Waterfront offers a delightful option of Movies, Gaming zones, Casions, Restaurants and Coffee shops where you can laze around and spend hours chit chatting or simply enjoying the view of the blue waters.

The Real Fun lies in the Journey and not the Destination!

5. Dive into the Sea at Blue Bay: With the breathtakingly beautiful blue sky getting reflecting on to the sea water as you swim into it with roaring air planes flying closely right up on your head, the Blue Bay was quite a good experience. Unlike several other quite beaches I came across at Mauritius, this beach was one of the most crowded places at Mauritius and believed to be a safe place to swim and conclude a beautiful trip to Mauritius.
Blue Is The Color of the Heavens

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