Cultivation in Falun Dafa

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Another year has passed by and another one stands ahead with its arms wide open to embrace me, giving me another moment for my cultivation. It’s been two short years I have been cultivating myself in Falun Dafa. Short since it is now when I realize how long the process of self-cultivation really is! And I am quite sure that my tenure of this life time will seem just a moment when I review myself back. And I am sure that my genuineness and diligence is what would count in the long term. 

My Life has changed a lot after I have started cultivating myself in Dafa in early 2011. Before that, I was just another everyday man who used to quibble over every day issues, the one who lost his temper over petty issues and the one with a zillion attachments of personal gain and interpersonal conflicts. Getting rid of these attachments does need an initiation of a divine thought. Just one thought – to change ones conventional thinking. All it takes is to have a fresh look at the universe, the environment around us. And when I state so, it’s meaning is truly profound. It is almost not so easy for an everyday person to develop this thought. When one reads Zhuan Falun for the very first time, believe me that is the greatest part of it all. Someone who might find it too hard to accept, would find it too hard to continue. But, loosening oneself by giving up our conventional understandings and way of thinking, will simply make things easier. 

There has been several ups and downs in my cultivation but Dafa acts as a torch bearer in my life. Every moment in my life is an opportunity to validate the Dafa and thanking the Master.

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