Is One Day Good Enough?

It's the International Women's Day again and it's time to review again the state where we stand. One of the greatest woman in my life, my wife delivered a baby girl on 28th Feb last week. This is our first baby and we now feel blessed for being the proud parents of a baby girl. However, it sometimes makes me feel too down when I come across people with a very low level thoughts when it comes to a girl child. Our society has deteriorated to a very low extent. Merely observing a commemorative day for women has no meaning when they are disrespected over the rest of the year. The society must cultivate itself to celebrate womanhood and learn to treat women with dignity and compassion.

Nonetheless, this time I couldn't think better and more beautiful than composing a poem to express my recent experience on being a father of a baby girl in this male obsessed wicked world.

I wished for a girl
She wanted a boy
A thought across my mind
How impatient was I

I was going to be a father
In a moment or three
How I cared for the little one
And for the mommy to be

Staring at the labour room
There stood me
A thousand prayers I groomed
For a soothing delivery to be

Lengthy moments of wait
Vanished like a gale
As the nurses stood at the gate
Deplorable and pale

Is everything alright sister?
I waited for a sigh
The doctor will answer you mister
It shouldn't be I

Congratulations, said the doctor
As he wore a grim dark smile
Of a girl you're now a father
Said he, in his very own style

Leaving the tender soul in my hand
There walked away the squad
Sneaked a tear of compassion
As I caressed my child

Get us all some sweets sir
I heard a voice behind
Bravo, it's a boy, said the sister
To an another man beside


  1. Welcome your daughter in this world .. I am sure you will certainly enjoy parenting a little one! Never mind what society thinks, people like you can make a change ..

  2. Thank you aativas! My daughter is the best thing in my life so far. The society represents the thinking at an everyday person's level which in the modern scenario has been at it's lowest peak. It just makes me feel sad to see people with such low standards forming a majority in today's society.

  3. Congrats. Best wishes to you and your family. And may god shower all his blessings on that little one! Congrats once again.

  4. Congrats Neeraj, May the Young Baby be blessed and grow up to be a good human and citizen.

    I truly believe that women are the architect of a civilized society .It is a shame that in our country people call her 'Jagdamba' ,creator of universe... and still kill her in the womb.

    Congrats again and enjoy your childhood again

  5. Congratulations... Best wishes for your family :D I think your attitude towards women is the best gift any daughter would want from a father :D To treat her the same as his son.. to love her the same.. to trust her the same.. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with parents like that. I hope every girl gets as lucky as me..

  6. Hi Neeraj,
    Visited your space after a long time. Congratulations! to you and your wife. Your thoughts on girl child echoes mine.