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April 1st might be a fool’s day, but it wasn’t really this case with this twenty-three year old. It was the most crucial day of her life. Although it wasn’t the first interview of her life, there was something that kept her feeling nervous. She had spent an almost sleepless night lost in her thoughts about a dream job she had always been longing for. The tiring early-morning bus travel to the new city failed to curb her enthusiasm and anxiety.

She took a small mirror out of her purse and had a good look at her sparkling face. She smiled as she looked at her disturbed hairstyle. I need a reset, she thought as she gently picked out a comb to brush her hair. Minutes later it was time to get down and cease the long journey.

She looked around the street as she got down from the bus. It was a new place and new aspirations were filled in her mind. She interrogated a few pedestrians on her way. The venue was not afar, she learnt from one of them.

“Excuse me, How do I reach Hinjewadi from here?” she asked as she stopped at a stationary car.

“Where do you wanna go?” the man on the driver’s seat questioned as he spat the gutkha he had been holding in his mouth.

“Telemax Solutions!”, she said.

“Oh Madam, that is too far from here... Why don’t you come along? I can drop you – it’s just on the way to the place where we are heading… ”, the man said as he wiped his mouth with his left hand.

“But someone just told me it is just 15 minutes from here”, she said as she raised her concern.

“Well, someone must have fooled you Mam’; you know it is the fool’s day today! Given the traffic conditions within the city, it cannot be less than forty-five minutes for sure”, the man explained as he burst out in laughter.

“Oh is it? I cannot afford to reach there after an hour. I have an important interview to attend”, she said as she realized her stupidity and decided to join them.

She noticed that the rear seat of the car was occupied by another man. It was an air-conditioned car maintained in a good condition, she realized as she joined them. She occupied an empty seat in the rear.

She left a sigh of relief as she made herself comfortable on the cushion of the seat.

It was 10:00 AM when she had a peek at her wrist watch. Nervousness was gradually getting transformed into confidence when she decided to read the book that she had in her bag. Jeffery Archer was her favorite author and she almost always got lost in the story when she resumed the paragraphs of the current novel she was reading.

A sudden bump on the road distracted her from the book. She read the hands of her wrist watch again that told her it was 11:10 AM. She seemed worried as she looked outside the window.

“What place is this?”, she asked the cab driver desperately?

“It’s Deccan Madam - we are here to pick up one of our buddies. Please don’t mind”, he said as he looked back and rolled his eyes at her chest and then down towards her knees.

“Stop the car”, she screamed.

“Please don’t shout sweetie. We’ll have your interview in the car. So stop bothering and shut the fuck up!”, the man beside her seat yelled as he took off a small knife.

All her cries almost faded away within the loud stereos and her calls for help were never visible outside the amber window glass. She wept helplessly as she saw herself driven over a deserted road.

She wished to have herself dead every single moment of the awful hours when each one of them used her to quench their lust.

She recollected the face of her anxious husband who was too eager to call her to hear the result of her interview. She wished if she could ever explain him the foolery she had committed. She wished if she could ever find the words to explain how she felt when she was ruthlessly thrown away out of the car.

She was shattered, torn and broke. How hard she felt if she had never lived that day – if she had never been so fool!

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  1. Hard-hitting post... These days a lot of such incidents have happened in my city (Kolkata) and I always shudder thinking of all the times in college when I used to take shuttle cabs, sometimes even late at night...

    All the best for BATOM

  2. It keeps on happening again and again.. unfortunately..

  3. Read this in the news yesterday. Brilliantly written.

  4. I Loved your post! It is sheer reality that is actually happenning around us.
    All the best!

  5. this really happened on that fools day....

  6. You write well. The news was very shocking. Incidents like this break our trust in fellow humans and we start looking with suspicion at every stranger we meet. How nice it would have been if the men had dropped her for the interview and she had landed the job.

  7. a very nice post! :)
    all the best for BATOM...

  8. What post Neeraj... hard hitting... but this is a grim reality tht such people exist on this planet... lovely read... all the best for BAT

  9. Somehow though we keep on reading about such incidents in the newspapers we as a society tend to distance ourselves from such issues......trying to become numb......
    nice choice for topic...

    Read Up mine: Murali - Fool

  10. @Debosmita, Yes... and it is the same all over the world... the least we can do is to avoid such hitch hiking...

    @aativas, Sad and true..

    @indianhomemaker, yes it gathered space in the Times of India ... But the incident was flashed on a Marathi news channel - IBN Lokmat all day long before that... Thanks

    @Surbhi, Thanks a lot Surbhi for being so kind...

    @Chetan, Unfortunately, yes :(

    @SV, True... Authorities should deal with such incidents very severely... even harder than murder cases... A Rape is a sheer murder of humanity... trust & our freedom...

    @Leo, Thank you buddy!

    @Tavish, Grim reality as it could ever be... such incidents MUST be taken seriously.. The media should play a vital role in getting the culprits to justice...

    @Mural, You are right... But, I hate to see that to happen... We must be sensitive to such horrific incidents...

  11. This just keeps happening everywhere.....Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune....have heard too many tales. Glad you brought it up. Really good work!

  12. why didnt u mention the news article as the inspiration for your story?

  13. pragmatic and quite alarming....
    clicking plot

  14. @swayambhu - Thanks,

    @Reema - Cos' it isn't my inspiration... I haven't read the article at all... As I have mentioned in my comment to indianhomemaker, I have published the post based on the headlines that flashed in the marathi news on 2nd April... Times published the story on the very next day!

    @Mahesh, Bows Down!

  15. Well written, gave me the chills! Terribly scary.


  16. very scary :( girls have to be careful all the time :(

  17. Chilling post and very well written one!

    Great going, Neeraj. All the best for BATOM!

  18. Read the news and it was really scary and you have brought out very vividly as always. Now the good thing is the culprits have been nabbed and are cooling their heels in police lock-up.... now its the job of administration to dish out appropriate punishment to the criminals asap...

  19. Very scary indeed!!
    The most painful part being that it is a piece of real life and not fiction.
    Excellent narration :)

    Good luck for the contest & keep up the good work.


  20. Its time we girls stop being such fools... But its also time men take it easy!!

    Excellent post... Keep up!!

  21. The hard core scary reality indeed.
    Great post
    All the best for BAT 9

  22. Sheer stupidity! Why some women never listen..apply caution? We cant go around cleansing the whole world! It's upto every it man or woman to be fairly cautious of the wicked ways of the world. Somehow i dont feel pity..only irritation!

  23. hard hitting.. but truth.. MAN as in MALE is a animal.. I have heard so many incidents like these.. very bad situations...

    Girls/Women need to learn.. Not to trust.. as TRUST doesnot exist anymore ..

  24. you know what, I like he you describe emotions: its your strength..
    but every time I read you i think it should have been more//

  25. @Sahil, You made my day buddy! I shall definitely work on short stories with a bit more length... Generally, I keep it short and terse. I try to inculcate the required mood and emotions to the best I can. Glad that you enjoy them! Readers like you are privilege to me.

  26. @umbrella, I do agree but I feel sad when I see no strict law enforcements are present against rape cases! It really hurts to see culprits moving freely around on bail or at times with a clean chit!

  27. Well written and quite chilling.

  28. Hmmm...that was foolish indeed. Such incidents shake the inner core. Very disturbing! :(
    Very well expressed.
    All the best for BAT-9.

  29. This was one of my favorites this Blog-a-ton. Really loved your narrative. When you read in newspaper you see a rape item every day. You become insensitive. The way you have written makes it sound so personal that one really is able to grasp the gravity of the incident. Kudos to you for bringing a new item to life by putting in the flesh and blood and making people really disturbed as they should be when such an incident occurs.

    By the way, thanks for reading my blog entry and posting your comment.

  30. @The Fool, Bows down. Appreciate your frank opinion wholeheartedly! The insensitivity towards this issue is grave and it's level of escalation hurts me to the core of my heart! I am planning to write my personal views on this issue soon...
    Thanks so much!

  31. You are awarded here