All In A Day's Work

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December 05, 2009 Pune, India - Being a city cop was never exhilarating for Head Constable Shinde, who had been serving the Mumbai Police department for eleven long years. Just as every other policeman, he led a mundane life that toggled between the hour hand of his old wrist watch.

But, today was a bit different day.

It was 8:00 PM when he arrived at home. His three year old was fast asleep. It seems like the right time to present his wife the gift he had brought for her, he thought. He was sure that this was going to cease all her complains she had against her husband.

"So Vidya, What do you think about this one?", he asked as he presented the gift and naughtily grabbed her towards him.

"Waa! A new Mangalsutra!", his wife exclaimed as she seemed so reluctant to believe what she saw. For a moment, she looked at her husband's face with gratitude. Although she was unable to contain her feelings, the very next moment, she looked down. A thought ran across her mind.

"You didn't like it?", Shinde asked after he read her expressions.

She shrugged.

"No it's not that, I liked it very much", she replied calmly "But, a ten grams of gold ornament received from a policeman is what made me feel sad"

"Oh! Vidya, you are impossible", the cop was really annoyed after he saw his wife not patronizing his expectations. He just recollected their quarrel that took place last month over her craving for a new ornament.

"I am sick of your dual-ended words. What is a poor policeman supposed to do?", he spoke with outrage.

Realizing that her gift had valuable emotions of her loving husband attached to it, Vidya was in a no mood to engage her in a dispute. She didn't utter a word and kept the unwrapped gift box aside on the table.

Ring Ring - The telephone bell rang.

"Shinde, there is an emergency. Please report on duty as soon as possible. There is another attack on the city. Make sure you report back to the police station as soon as possible", the voice over the phone said.

"I need to go!" Shinde said, trying to regain his senses back from his graveling family issues.

"Dinner's ready, please have it before you leave... ", she said in vain. Just before she could finish her say, he was out on his motorbike heading towards his duties.

He reached the police station in a few minutes. The city was under chaos. There were multiple incidents of violence and bloodshed in various parts of Mumbai. There were unproven rumors of the city being under an attack. The head constable was constantly in touch with the updates from the control room. There is an ongoing shootout in the vicinity of the Railway station, the instrument updated Shinde and his colleagues.

The chaos among the citizens were worsening with every second that passed by. By this time, the control room had reported several casualties and the toll was still on.

"ACP Jadhav, there has been a blast near Kama Hospital and three gunmen are suspected to be around the hospital. Cover up the hospital along with Constable Shinde and four junior constables immediately", a voice from the police control room directed the team.

Equipped with their service guns, a couple of vans filled with a dozen policemen headed at the venue. It didn't take much time for each one of them to realize that their service guns were proving futile against the planned attack of the intruders which was backed with the forte of modern ammunition. Despite being aware of their sapless plight, the six policemen tried hard to gain the control of the situation.

Shinde was shot thrice on his shoulders and twice on his left thigh. The last thing he remembered were the faces of his wounded colleagues and the blood-soaked uniform of ACP Jadhav. His subconscious mind instructed him to play a dead man, as he kept recording the moves of the events around him. But he was helpless when his consciousness gradually faded away completely.

Gradually, the fierce combat had mellowed down into a steep ocean of tears and blood.

"Beep beep...", a hoarse sound brought Shinde back to life.

He opened his eyelids gently, as he tried hard to recollect his memories. A severe ache in his back brought all his memories back to life as he tried to move his body on the hospital bed.

Shinde noticed that he was surrounded by a team of journalists, doctors and a few other policemen. Vidya was sitting just beside him. Her wet eyes looked red, just like the blood-stained cotton bandage that was glued to her brave husband's right shoulder. She held his hand and gave him a serene smile.

"Didn't you like the new Mangalsutra, Vidya?", he asked naughtily.

She looked back at him, puzzled. She wished she could cry, but she knew that it would be an insult to his courage to do so. She was a wife of a man who brings her the ecstasy and agony, both at the same time, all in a day's work.

"I wish, I could ever understand you... ", she replied, as she passionately hugged her wounded husband.

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  1. Well thought and well written! Apt stuff to write considering the "anniversary" to mark the terror strike went by few days back! Good read!

  2. Oh man,... this is a nice and apt stuff to write...:D

    Btw... m 100th follower yay!!!


  3. An endearing story that pays tribute to 26/11 as well.

    For a minute I thought it would have a sad ending -- Karma kicks in, Shinde dies and need for the ill-gotten mangalsutra coming to a nought :-)

  4. Such a touching story..My heart goes for each of them.....

  5. @Raksha - Yes the story is a tribute to many such 26/11 which is so much an integral part of a cop's life.
    @Shahid - Hey buddy, Happy that you liked the story.
    @Ravan - Thanks man, You deserve a good luck charm gift from me for being the 100th follower :-)
    @MadhuRao - Fortunately, the fictional hero of my story survived. I have tried to portray a dual perspective of a cops life in the story. Although many of us quibble over the fact that cops are corrupt elements. At the same time, I have tried to convey that they are the ones who are still ready to die for us.
    @dilontherocks, Certainly, we must not just preach the negative aspects of policemen. They still deserve our respect and love.

  6. A nicely woven story like always and also a tribute to 26/11... gr8 ... just in a few places 'her' was used for Constable Shinde :) ....typos ;)

  7. kudos man.. its a coincidence or our similar kind of thinking tht evn i was planning a similar post (u mst b knowing tht having read my post by now).. Virtues and vices have a thin line between them.. This story clearly brings out that message :)

  8. A true tribute to our Policemen and to 26/11 as well.
    A very well woven tale!! :)

  9. Great post Neeraj! The emotions, the characters, the visuals...almost felt like I could see it being played in front of my eyes!

  10. OMG!! My comment is so very similar to Dhiman's!
    Saw it just now! :)
    Please don't sue me for plagiarism! :P

  11. wonderful story! thank god it had a happy ending!

  12. very well written, it was an excellent read

  13. Fabulously narrated, Neeraj. Kudos!
    It couldn't have been better. I thought it would end on a sad note, but thanks to you! It didn't.
    Enjoyed reading very much.
    All the best! Cheerios!

  14. @Dhiman, Such typos just imply my desperation to get my post published :) Anyways, got it rectified.

    @Vipul, Wow I would have loved your post if it would have been on similar theme. Doesn't matter anyways as your's was a bit different take and I loved it.

    @Shilpa, Thank you and yeah I don't sue anyone for small reasons :-)

    @Psych Babbler, Appreciate your compassionate and honest feedback!

    @Reema, Thanks a lot. And I hope you would vote for me ;)

    @Harsha, Thanks for your honest one liner feedback

    @Karthik, I agree with you. The climax is the best part of the story I feel

  15. Fabulously narrated... with a gentle twist in the tale.

    Suits the occasion too.

  16. very nice one... short and very sweet... lovely tribute to cops who fought for us on 26/11


  17. Hi

    No matter how many stories there are to tell I think ones woven around the 26/11 attacks cannot help but evoke emotions from all of us.
    Kudos to the brave in pur much maligned police force. Dhiman said here..Think there were typos where "him" have become "her". :)

    All the best from a fellow blogger!

  18. Well fabricated.......conveying narration...i liked the way you have ended it.....apt way to pay tribute to the noble sacrifices....
    perfect post :)

  19. The emotions were beautifully narrated. It was a nice story. :)

  20. really good ... human remorse attacked to the statistics n data of such attacks ..

  21. Pretty humane and humanly fabricated chronicle of the dutiful human, Neeraj! It's made a very poignant read, indeed. Keep them coming, bro! All the best!

  22. Nice narration... enjoyed it.
    Your idea of the tribute was good.

  23. Nicely expressed and well written!!! Kudos!!

  24. Very apt and perfectly summed up the topic, "All in a Day's Work"!
    Nicely done! :)

  25. Very nice story Neeraj!I liked the flow of the story and the way you used significance of "Mangalsutra'!

  26. A very enjoyable read.. a tale well told :) And the happy ending makes a difference.. I am glad it ended the way it did !!

  27. A very poignant day at work. ! loved it.
    good post.

  28. Well you made the mangalasutra symbolic :)
    To make it more emotional and hard hitting you could have killed Shinde, then the meaning would have hit the right spot!

  29. Thank you folks for your unbeatable comments on the story.

    @Pawan, If I would have killed Shinde, then it would have been a sad end. New Mangalsutra, just implied his new life! That's truly the analogy. It's just that I like happy endings and so do most of us! :)

  30. Nice story, sweet without being too mushy.

  31. loooooved it! :)
    suggestive, yet open to interpretation! :)

  32. @Dreamer, Nimisha - Thanks for your honest comments!

  33. Wonderfully written!...very rarely does sme1 spare a moment to wonder about the hardships in the life of a constable and how does a 26/11 affect all the people connected to him!

  34. hey
    again you gave a gr8 ending
    nice post

  35. Excellent Man, I am a copper myself here so i can understand a bit what happeens and its a excellent story you have written ..
    well done

  36. No one touched this area of cops.. nicely written and not to forget the emotions of a policemen and his wife

  37. Hi Friend ur doing an excellent work.. Can we exchange links...

  38. I Read it three times but with my limited intellect I could not understand the point that you were trying to make ( provided it was not just another story).Will you please enlighten on that?

    And also please tell me how to put that auto play off on you blog...

  39. great piece Neeraj..
    I like the way weave such social stories..

  40. Thanks and a huge hug to each one of you! :)

  41. Superb work, Neeraj! This is the first time I'm reading your blog and your writing..and am really very impressed!

    The story is touching, no doubt..but it also teaches us that we need to care for our loved ones and their feelings. Thanks for writing such a beautiful post!