Legalization of Homoeroticism Is a Ridicule!

By Neeraj Shinde
Pune, India

The only probable difference that I could think of between heaven and hell is based on the fact - what dominates the rest! If the angels dominate its heaven and if the demons do, it’s hell. But, we live in a world that’s afar from the both. A place where we venerate the good and condemn the not-so-good, encourage all things that are sane, rational and just natural. We make laws just to ensure everything that deviates from such expectations are spotted out and are brought to justice. The same applies to homosexuality.

The section 377 of the Indian penal code just ensured the cultural, behavioral and biological sanity among the people until last week when it was irrationally decriminalized. Now does that really could be a modern-age law which could bring some good to the society? It is a hard fact that gay and lesbian sex has been prevalent since ages, but it has never found a legal consent due to its ill-bred roots. The Delhi high court verdict that decriminalized this law has certainly ruined the emotional, ethical, moral and cultural sentiments of the nation. I do accept that in a country like India where people from every caste, religion and creed live together, minorities do exist. And they exist in various forms including religious, occupational, physical or economical. But it is irrational to accept that minorities would be sexual. It is unfair to differentiate people by the so called sexual preferences.

I go to a shopping mall and have the right to choose the color and design of my shirt – that’s where preferences come into picture. If I develop a feeling to wake up at night and stab a random person on the street would not be a ‘preference’ in the first place. Though I might enjoy killing people, am I entitled to be called a representative of the serial-killer minority? Certainly not! The only reason being, although I enjoy my preference, I am causing harm to my fellow citizens and society as a whole. The same thing applies to the ill-bred sexual behavior. Bad habits do provide pleasure for some - the way consuming alcohol, smoking and gambling do! Although the homosexual couple might enjoy things they do, the fact to be noticed here is how positively the legalization of this behavior going to help the generations to come. Certainly, the future parents would not like to see their children entering puberty having a legal right of choice of being a straight, gay or a lesbian. Unfortunately, if that does happen then our glorious culture will be at stake.

Thinking from a plain scientific point of view, sex is a mechanism by virtue of which sexual reproduction is brought about in most of the living organisms. This has been happening for ages and right since the time evolution began. However, a few years later a few organisms like Dolphins and Humans started performing it for pleasure. Nature encourages vaginal sex since it is the only natural way by which male and female gametes are brought together. Now, looking out for sexual pleasures by means of unnatural ways is something that is deviating the natural trend. This, though not exactly a disease, is a psychiatric situation being developed during the onset of puberty. Nobody is a born homosexual. Cos' then you still require a heterosexual couple to raise a homosexual kid.

It is unfortunate that reputed newspapers have been portraying these topics of 'negative sexuality' in a positive manner. It’s shocking to read the newspaper columns supporting the celebrations over the law amendment. If psychiatry fails to provide an answer to homosexuality, it is a subject of medical research rather than a debate. The law was all fine cos' it was setup by a set of people who had a proper mindset and a constructive, natural outlook towards things. Stop quibbling over stuff that do not have a proper base. Stop relating such ill-bred habits to your fundamental rights. No human rights were violated by the law. It is rather disheartening that the government is much concerned in dealing with petty issues of this kind rather than dealing with issues of some grave significance like economic upliftment of the poor, the global warming or the ongoing economic crisis – to name a few.


  1. A very to the point blog. I agree 100%.

  2. f my daughter or son would have been such, I would have definitely counsel them. I would have explained them this is unnatural and inhuman. Because this will ultimately lead to the destruction of the human race. This (legal right to have sex with the same sex) cannot come under the definition of 'freedom'. All kinds of freedom have some moral context or ethics. We have to follow those ethics.

  3. Gay/Lesbians NEED equal rights!!! Gay marriages should be legal in every state! Who is anyone to tell someone they can't be happy. If two people are in love they deserve the right to make love. I wasn't aware that they were physically harming anyone. It's time people realize that it is 2009... times are different. In this day and age we need to except one another.

  4. I agree with you neerajj. This is foolishness...

  5. Thanks People for stopping by - This is what the world is full of today - Mixed reactions!
    This is a topic of research rather than a debate. Unfortunately, it's high time now - to raise a voice against it! Lest today's evil might be tomorrow's official doctrine!

  6. I support the law .....
    its their personal decision and no law can deny the social status or basic human rights to them .......
    It is right of each n every individual to be happy.
    though tht increasing number of such relationships can affect the social balance ...
    still I support !

  7. Okay, We make it Legal, what next? I wish to have sex with Animals! Of course I am a human and it is my right to be happy!

    Amend the Law again!

  8. Well... its quite unnatural but one wonders if people were not deriving anything out of it, why on earth there are so many such cases in the West? Its basically all in the mind, if people are counselled out they might not opt for these measures. Reasons for goin into such relationships exist b/c of some past experiences... just my opinion...

  9. I belongs to rural area of Haryana, I seriously feels,this is physiological artifacts of rich peoples.If you really want to serve society.
    There are more bigger issue.

    I hope you know what happens when human go against the nature.

    Yes from humanitarian angle, if some one suffering from this disorder shall be treated in humanitarian ways.

  10. Tell me one thing.. If two people are happy together not harming the surroundings (nature, other people) not spreading diseases nor killing anybody... Is it unacceptable for you??
    On the other hand people committing suicides because no one understands them... is acceptable right??

    I personally do not understand why it effect people so much if others are happy in their own way... as far as human growth is concerned their way more straights than homos... And their orphanages overloaded with children who cry for their parents....

    Yes am straight but if I'll have to fight for the rights of homos I'll do! I want a world where people will live and let live others HAPPILY!

    Its disheartening to see people still think this way.... not just you but your readers too :(

    I have graduated in Anthropology its a study of humans.... and Anthropology defines every behavior of humans... And orientation is natural and part of individual behavior!

    One Mr./Ms. Anonymous commented orientation towards animals... Right? I wish to know if you are not courageous enough to express yourself with your identity then you are uncertain about your point...

    Sexual fantasies with animals are justifiable too in science... we are moving towards development and its important for people to understand that these are aspects of one own nature and personality... its not a disease!

  11. Deepika,

    Thanks for stopping by! Accepted that homosexuals do not spread diseases around.

    They are having their own place in the society just as several not so fortunate people viz. the lepers, disabled. I have deep regards in my heart for them. All they need is help. The government should make provisions to help them, their rehabiliation, designated centers for their improvement/betterment.

    Yes, Anthropology defines these unnatural kinds of sexual behaviours of man kind. I am happy to learn that you have already studied that. For a foresighted citizen like me, what gains more significant is the fact that how supporting this could help us. I understand that you are straight but I'm really sorry to say, that you are supporting the wrong cause!
    My sincere advice to all straight people like you, having this bent of mindset would be to work and support towards the re-habiliation of these affected people.

    Amending a perfect law, for a few imperfections in the society would never be tolerated!

    Neeraj Shinde

  12. neeraj, get ur facts right n stop preaching such nonsense! i noe m bein blunt...! c... once upon a time africans wer ill treated cos dey wer black...we moved on fought for dem.. evolved in2 a more civilised society...! evolution is necessary...! u or i ve no right to decide wats natural n wats not.. cos acc to a layman wat he knows is natural n wat he doesnt noe or feel is unnatural! so honestly... v ve no authority 2 decide who is natural n whose not..! i mean we condemn terrorist groups deciding who should live n who shud not.. dnt we..! every1 hs d rite 2 long as dey cause no harm 2 d society...n my friend i see THE ACTUAL issues dat r harmful or potentially harmfull...n AS for the unnatural part...anal or oral sex is practised worldwide more by straight people dan homosexuals... so seriously!! get ur facts straight!

  13. Quote: "u or i ve no right to decide wats natural n wats not.."
    But that is not expected out of a responsible and conscience healthy citizen. I am not denying that these form of unnatural sex are not practised worldwide. This, however will not cease to be a disorder in its true sense. It can be treated like any other congenital defect. Such tendencies can be treated by yoga, pranayam and other meditation techniques. I deeply appreciate the initiative of Baba Ramdev who is already doing a great work in this regard.
    The decision of the high court, if allowed to sustain, will have catastrophic effects on the moral fabric of society and will jeopardise the institution of marriage itself. This offends the structure of the Indian value system, Indian culture and traditions, as derived from religious scriptures.
    I am not able to trace your profile from your above comment but, certainly I wish you best luck to get out of this feeling! God Bless!

  14. Mr. Shinde,

    I have seldom seen brainwashing at work so well, as it seems to be the case with you.

    You believe XYZ is true, not because you see any rational reason justifying the belief, but since that is what you have been "told to believe" by your peers and elders, so you try to give flimsy reasons to support your belief.

    This in other words, is called bigotry. Look it up.

    Let us see. IPC 377 did not exist, before britisher's forced it on us a couple of centuries ago. I wonder how our 10 thousand year old civilization managed to get without it for thousand of years, without such an important law protecting the world.

    Because, of course as per you, till britishers gave us IPC 377, we Indians had no "cultural, behavioral and biological sanity".

    How can you not be "born a homosexual" just because your parents were heterosexual? You seem to state most idiotic things. Left-handed people are born to right-handed parents. So why not homosexuals?

    If being left-handed is not a disease or "bad habit", why are you using such stupid arguments to support your bigotry?

    Lepers are treated because it is proven and accepted to be a disease. And the patients are suffering and want to be treated. If every single medical organisation in the world, such as WHO etc is agreeing that homosexuality is not a disease or psychological disorder, you are just a homophobic idiot who is trying to justify his hatred and bigotry behind such baseless claims of saying otherwise.

    There are some other gems as well, such as IPC 109 and criminal tribes act formulated by same british, where you can be jailed as a criminal just because your great-grandparents were once criminals. Would you voluntarily go to jail, if you personally were part of such tribes, since clearly all IPC laws are to protect "cultural, behavioral and biological sanity" ?

    Parents or older generations do not like to see their children doing many things. It used to be watching cinema once. Or girls talking to men outside family. Or girls wearing jeans.

    Here is the billion-ruppee question : What if your brother turned out to be gay? what will you do? How will IPc 377 help you?

    Will you call the police and send your own brother or son to Jail? Will you throw him out of the house? How will this "help" him?

    It is clear that you are simply an idiot, who has not given clear thought to any such questions, and is just talking out of his ass, in order to justify his bigotry.

    It is amazing the kind of idiotic excuses you are making up. The "preference" of killing someone harms others. If you try to kill me, you are harming me for no reason. And you must be jailed by law. But which innocents are gays harming or killing?

    How does it harm you personally, if two of your gay neighbours have consensual sex in the privacy of their bedroom?

    Nature encourages many things. Else there wouldn't be documented evidence of hundreds of animal species having homosexual behaviour too, along with heterosexual sex. Perhaps it is nature's way of population control. So who exactly are YOU to go against nature? If they exist in nature, it is obviously a natural thing.

    "the law was all fine cos' it was setup by a set of people who had a proper mindset and a constructive, natural outlook towards things."

    Heh. that is hilarious. those people would be the british. The same guys who also had other natural outlooks such as "indians and dogs not allowed".

    So are you a dog, Mr. Shinde? Oh well, I have no objection, if that is what you wish to be called.

    After all, it is the same set of people who had "a proper mindset and a constructive, natural outlook towards things" that claimed that you are one. So it must be so. Obviously you still love to lick the boots of your long-gone masters, so that is additional proof.

    Cheers. Now, go fetch! :)

  15. Wooha! That was one hell of an idiotic comment by another homosexual soul who seriously is in great trouble and the one who is unable to reveal his/her identity! All I could do for you son is pray!

    My thoughts and ideology still remains the same! It is so sad to keep on hearing this pointless debate again and again! I DO NOT regard this issue a matter of debate cos' this is just isn't a valid topic!

    And yes, Mr. Anonymous, thank you for refreshing my memory - I must appreciate Britishers for some really good things they had proposed and developed during their reign! Good and Evil always come side by side!

    No more anonymous comments please!

  16. I have to post 2 comments since I have to make myself heard. See even here I am being bound into limits (just a joke).

    Part 1 :

    It is really not important who I am. I wish to continue anonymously.

    I am not going to condone your way of thinking or use abusive language towards you. I am not going to use references that could be hurtful to you or the readers here.

    I am GAY man. Born in Mumbai and lived there for my entire life. Until 4 years back when I moved away to a diffent county. I am not from an elite class. I come from a very middle class background.

    Ok to make it clear .. I was never molested so ruling out comment that it could be based on early childhood experiences. I had a pretty normal upbringing.

    Tried to feel the attraction towards girls but couldn’t. Attraction to men was natural and what felt real.

    I don't think any form of medication can change what I like. And the way I feel.

    Yes self restraint can help. Agreed. I force myself to not do things which are natural to me. In an attempt I try to keep away from everything that could be a trigger. In an attempt to protect myself I fall into a trap of loneliness, depression.

    I am surely not going to marry a woman because I don't want someone else to face the consequences because I wasn’t sane enough to understand myself.

    A sexless heterosexual marriage, is it fair to anyone? For everyone deserves the right to be loved and caressed.

    So what are my options?

    1.Detach myself from the society and live in loneliness and probably commit suicide.
    2.Be an outcast and accept myself and try to help my loved ones realize how much I care about them and that they should accept me for what I am.

    I have chosen option # 2. I have chosen Life over misery. I want to live my life the way I want it.

  17. Part 2

    Ok now let me tell you facts. You are aware that homosexuality exists. Do you know that a prevalent number of these homosexuals are married? These closet cases who don’t have the spine to suck it up and make choices for themselves. Who get pressured into marriage just because of their families. Who make up fake reasons for spending time in some hotel with some man and cheat on their wives. Is that fair to these women? Would you agree that these people who cheat have an increased tendency or are highly prone to have unprotected sex and may probably pick up something and pass on to the women who shouldn’t deserve this at all. The argument above is just to prove that it isn’t fair to the women who are married to homosexuals or so called BI-SEXUALS (that’s a different topic)

    I never understood the hijra’s in India. Not unless I was exposed to documentaries that were made on the hijra culture. These men who choose to be outcasts and had the courage to accept their fate. The men who aren’t comfortable in their own body. Who know that there is a disconnect between their mind and body. This is an extreme case and it cannot be directly linked to homosexuality but it is a topic of gender mismatch. But it is relevant to the topic of homosexuality. I am gay but I am very comfortable in my own skin as a man. So does that mean for me to be accepted in your society I need to change my gender? Why should I have to?

    What would be so wrong to see two men/women together, who care about each other and find comfort in their relationship? What harm is it going to do to the society? It is just a liberation from being bound to do things which have been done for centuries. To bow down to pressure. Think about it how would you feel if you were born in a communist country and were denied of your passion to write and express yourself. You may not see the resemblance here but it does exist. For you your passion for expressing yourself is very similar for me to express myself and my desires and ideas.

    So if I am effeminate does that give you the right to pick on me and make my life a living hell? Education and acceptance of homosexuality would indeed promote a tolerance, and would help teenagers with identity crisis choose what’s best from them.

    You can’t let a topic which has been in the dark for ages,to be shadowed by other things which have priority. Because there is always going to be something more important in life.

    I would want you to reconsider your opinions about homosexuality. Just making it legal does not mean that homosexuals are going to parade and promote indecency in the public. It is just to give us the basic rights to exist not having to fear who I am and if someone is going to take advantage of me just because I am gay.

    That’s all!!!!!!!!


  18. Neeraj can we say something is wrong when it is not hurting anyone?

    Two uncommitted, consenting adults, both men or both women, or a man and a woman in a relationship are not hurting anybody else, what makes it wrong?

    I agree with Anonymous's Part 1 and Part 2 comments above.