By Neeraj Shinde
Bangalore, India

It started drizzling when I came out of my office one lovely evening last month. The rains, here in Bangalore can never be predicted just as the city traffic. For me the city is not less than a hill-station where it can rain at almost any part of the year. The most interesting part of the Bangalore rains is that it could splash your favourite ironed office dress in a minute and could vanish away the very next minute. Needless to feel surprised if you find the roads all dried-off within no time. But just then what makes the things worse is the city traffic.

I kept on walking hoping to board an auto before the downpour starts. I rushed hastily and reached the main road when I found myself caught in the heavy downpour. What am I carrying? I thought as I checked the pockets of my trousers. I had a look around as I covered my cell phone with my palm over my right pocket. I could gradually feel the wetness inside my clothes as I stood there helpless waiting to cross the road. I started making several futile attempts to cover my head with my left hand. It was just then when I saw her staring at me.

She was dressed in perfect professional attire with a big laptop bag hung up on her left arm. Moderately long hair and a high heeled footwear. But for me what was more important was that she had an umbrella.

I watched her as her stare gradually morphed into a delightful smile.

“Come inside!”, she said as I was about to move my eyes away from her.

That indeed was unexpected invite. I noticed the slow moving traffic that still restricted the people on this side of the road to cross towards the other. It is usual to wait for 5-10 minutes to cross the road in Bangalore. Sometimes, a few lucky ones manage to perform this feat in a couple of minutes less too. But that’s sheer luck and sometimes it involves high risks too.

“Umm… No, actually it’s alright!”, I responded as I realized the size of her umbrella that no way could have protected two people within its diameter.

“It’s not a problem. You can come inside”, she insisted and I had to surrender.

I found it difficult to stand inside with her holding the umbrella. But I really felt like appreciating her attempt to share the umbrella equally among us both.

“Shall I hold it? That should be more comfortable!”, I asked.

“Ya! No problem”, she said and she handed the umbrella to me.

A couple of questions more and that made me learn that we had the same destinations, meaning we wanted to cross the road.

We stood still crouching our bodies in an attempt to shrink it within the umbrella. Our eyes started glaring at the right waiting to find a gangway between the passing vehicles. And here we found it. We started moving hastily as I felt her hand on my right shoulder.

Nothing was heard then on except the blowing vehicles and the tapping of the rain. Soon we were half-way of our journey waiting for another gangway within the vehicles coming over from the left.

“Let’s go!”, I said as I found some space to sneak away behind an approaching truck.

I was half wet but I was not really bothered of it now. We had crossed the road and it was time for me to return the umbrella and bid adieu to her.

“Thanks a lot mam’!,” I said as I realized that her gesture deserved more than a mere thanks!

She smiled and she left; and I pushed myself inside an empty auto.

Some small yet good things do happen to all of us everyday. Their memories might not last in our minds for lifetime but they certainly make you feel good. Indeed!

To all those who plan to ask me about her after reading this post – well, I never saw her again!


  1. wo ho ho...thats some exprience nee!
    cool....did you get her name tho?

  2. FYI.

    To all those who plan to ask me about her after reading this post – well, I never saw her again!