So next time when you call someone!

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By Neeraj Shinde

‘Hello?’ I heard a voice from an adjacent cubicle.
But I really didn’t bother to flex my neck that seemed so reluctant to disturb my eyes which were so engrossed in reading a mail from my Manager.

And I guessed it right. It was someone over the phone.
‘Who’s this?’ asked the voice
‘Hey! its you! What a pleasant surprise!’ the voice almost screamed and I’m sure that would have deafened everyone’s ears.

I turned around now taking keen interest in the conversation. It seemed like someone had called his friend after years of communicational dormancy. Naturally it feels so great to realize that someone remembers you and contacts you after years.

‘Can you call me after sometime? I am busy with an important work right now!’ said the voice and that was followed by a bang of the receiver.

Obviously that was the end of the conversation.

Well, this was an exemplary conversation which is quite common in our daily lives. The so called old friend now started to seem like someone so paltry that the voice over the adjacent cubicle wanted to avoid. Or may be the person was so busy that he was compelled to do so. The conversation was heard by several folks around and it is quite possible that each one had a different way of interpretation. But one thing was very sure that this must have hurt the voice over the other end which would have made him feel that something in this world is more important to his friend than him.

May be most of us have gone through similar situations sometime or the other. Some of us understand the situation and adapt to it whilst a few would build prejudiced mindset about their friends. Corporate life is so busy that most of the times the situation demands them to avoid unwanted calls. Ironically, most of the times these unwanted calls are the most wanted ones and prejudices could really shatter the relationships.

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