About Neeraj

In brief

Neeraj Shinde is an engineering graduate, a vivid IT professional and blogger based in Pune. He has worked with many top notch IT Companies that include Infosys Technologies, Oracle Corporation and IBM. His quell for creative writing has fetched him recognition right since his school and college days. His passion for literary and creative writing has made him to start a popular blog '
the Neeraj Norms'. His writings mainly center the topics of mass interest, society, relationships and human lifestyle. Short stories being the favorite genre of Neeraj, he is also working on his new book.

Detailed dope

Neeraj was born in Maharashtra in 1982, and was brought up in Navi Mumbai from where he graduated from Mumbai University in 2004. He worked in Bangalore with Oracle Corporation for over a year in the capacity of a Senior Applications Engineer until he moved on to work with IBM in mid 2008. Although, he had started his career as a Visual Basic programmer late in 2004, he undergone a formal Oracle Applications training in Hyderabad and later worked with Infosys, Pune for about 2 years. Presently, Neeraj is working with IBM India.

He started the blog
the Neeraj Norms in 2003 in order to account his personal events of experiences and travel. His writing style and creativity has recently gained much popularity. His blog was among the top 10 best blogs in the category - Original Literature & Short Stories for the indiBlogger of the month event in August 2009. His writings are often picked up for BlogAdda's spicy Saturday picks & Tangy Tuesday picks.

Neeraj is married and settled in Pune where he continues to lead his life as a geek in the primary role. He continues to blog at
the Neeraj Norms... He is a profound Falun Gong practitioner.

Neeraj can be reached on his personal email address: neerajshinde@gmail.com